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Happy & Doing Well
Posted July 10, 2014 by Angel Ivy
Hi everyone! I have been doing so well lately, Mom says I've really been changing. I used to hide in the bedroom a lot and sleep in my cave-like area in my bed under the bench with clothes on it. I felt safe there from my wild brofurs. Especially Jax who likes to chase me. But lately I've been coming out more, napping on the cat tree in the living room, and following Mom around everywhere. She is happy about that, she says that is how it should be. I've become more assertive with my brofurs and stand my ground instead of running back to my cave. I will even approach the dogs and sniff them if are laying on the floor in the living room. They're not as scary as I thought they were. And Mom has started feeding me my Fancy Feast in the kitchen with my brofurs instead of in a separate room and they don't even try to steal my food anymore. When they're done eating, they sit and wait patiently for me to finish mine so they can lick the bowl, but they don't bother me while I'm eating.

Mom says it was hard for me to adjust to not being an only pet and it took me a long time but she is really happy to see how well I am doing lately. I still don't really like it when Jax chases me but I tolerate it. I swat at him and hiss a lot but he is persistent. Little brofurs are such a pain!

When Mom is in her office, I like to sleep in there with her now. There is a bed for me under her desk. Yesterday Mom put out some pillows right outside her office and that's my new favorite spot. She said she was getting rid of the pillows and that's why they were sitting there, but I've claimed them as mine.

 photo Ivy_zps20498d84.jpg
Here I am with my new pillows.

I hope you are all having a pawsome summer!