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From all of us!
Posted November 30, 2018 by Lindas Angels
​A SHADOW: I had a great week. I cleaned up my yard. I am getting ready to decorate for Christmas, so I had to clean up some. Lots of leaves were all over, so i piled them in the field next to me ad let the kittens and young cats have fun. Me and some of my friends went to lunch and sat and chatted for while, then we took a stroll around Sunshine Mountain.

A JESSE: My week was OK. I spent most of it around the house with my wife, A Tweetie. We are getting ready for the Holiday's as well. lots of things to put up inside and outside. I was out practicing Hockey earlier with my Capt and some teammates at the Ice Cloud Arena. We have a BIG game tonight and we are looking for a win.

A JINXIE: I spent the week walking around and helping some of the other Angels clean up. We are getting ready for a Christmas Parade and a big party. We have a big sled on the grounds and the kittens are already playing on it.

A SHEBA: I had a cool week, too. I learned how to 'star spin' and 'cloud hop'. Both activities are fun. I am still learning a lot from my friends and family Angels. It sure is fun here, but I do miss my family on earth.

A WINSTON: I had a blast this week. I went ice skating {keeps me in shape for Hockey}, me and a few other cats helped some youngsters build snowmen. Not too sure how long they will last though cause it is supposed to rain on Tuesday. A bunch of us got together and had a snowball fight, what fun that was.

We will see you all back here next week!

Angels Jinxie, Shadow, Sheebs, Winston and Jesse!!angel
Lindas Angels
Our Heavenly Thanksgiving
Posted November 23, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Good morning.

We hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving with your families and friends.

We had a great big Angel feast up here. Lot's of chef's and baker's were on paw to lend help to the kitchen, and some of the food was even BBQ'd as our weather was pawtastic . Lot's of colorful leaves everywhere.

We had turkey's, pheasants, ham & other various meats for turkey day as some of our Angels can'rt eat meat. We also had lots of catnip potatoes, yams, stuffing, catnip cranberry sauce, tuna flavored gravy and other flavors. Lots of cakes, pies and other desserts were also part of the spread.

we don't think that any ANGEL went away hungry at all. In fact most of us fell asleep at home after a divine meal like that.

The parade was lots of fun, too. A lot of Angels were part of it dressed as Indian's and Pilgrims and we had a play about the 1st Thanksgiving as well. All in all it was a most pawsome day!


Angels Jesse, Winston, Sheba, Shadow & Jinxie.
Lindas Angels
Blogs from The HT Angels
Posted November 16, 2018 by Lindas Angels
A SHADOW: Good evening everyone. I took A Sheba and we went shopping for our T-day dinner. She is gonna be helping me cook up our feast. We are having a huge dinner in the auditorium and all the chefs & Cooks are gathering and doing all the cooking. It purromises to be a feast for Kings & Queens. We bought a turkey, stuffing, catnip sauce, gravy and catnip potatoes. Lot's of other Angels are preparing other things and lots of desserts as well.

A JINXIE: This week I was busy keeping my yard free of leaves. I wold pile them up and the little Angels were playing in them, making a bigger mess, and I would pile them back up and bury them under them, they were having so much fun. I love watching the little ones play.

A SHEBA: I kept busy this week fixing up my new house. I finally found one I like, it is down the street from A Sugar's place. I went and bought curtains, a new bed, and stuff I need to make my house warm and cozy. Today I went shopping with A Shadow for the T-day feast we have planned.

A JESSE: Good evening friends. I had a pawsome week of adventures. Welcoming new Angels to the rainbow bridge. Practicing hockey, my team has a game tonight. I took my wife, A Tweetie to the movies and we had dinner out. We also went on a hay ride in the woods. That was fun. We saw lots of deer, owls, raccoons and other wildlife on our ride.

A WINSTON: Me? I had a good week. I went to the ice arena and practiced my hockey. I don't have a game tonight, but I am going to cheer on my family and friends. I helped some of the ladies with their packages full of thanksgiving dinner supplies. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, them chef Angels sure can cook up a feast!!!

Have a pawsome evening!

The HT Angels
Lindas Angels
Hi all. As many of you know. I play mouse hockey from our time on CC, but we are still playing on the forum. well, the team we use to play with {Washington caps} won the Stanley Cup, so that means the FXP{Furball Express} won our version called the SCAMPER CUP. I also have some awards from winning. They will be posted in my photo album. the player I use is Alex Ovechkin.

We played the Knights which my orange brothers used. They are OC{orange Crush} we beat them in 5 games. Pretty cool, huh!

Til next time!!!

A K Win
Lindas Angels
Cinco de Mayo
Posted May 5, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Today we are celebrating one of our best friends Birthday's. Her name is Angel Sylvia Seville. She has a Cinco de mayo birthday...we are cooking up a Mexican Feast fit for a king or rather a Queen. She is enjoying herself a lot.

We have been canoeing, camping out, playing ball, and of course of Mouse Hockey games are still in the playoffs...most are game 5 now. I'll be glad when hockey is over as it is getting too Summer-like for Hockey.

We are going up in a hot air balloon ride tomorrow afternoon. A bunch of us Angels are going up in a dozen balloons and looking down on earth to wave hi to our families down on earth, we will be throwing Sparkly angler dust, stars and butterflies down.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angels Jesse, Jinx, Winston & Shadow
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