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Cinco de Mayo
Posted May 5, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Today we are celebrating one of our best friends Birthday's. Her name is Angel Sylvia Seville. She has a Cinco de mayo birthday...we are cooking up a Mexican Feast fit for a king or rather a Queen. She is enjoying herself a lot.

We have been canoeing, camping out, playing ball, and of course of Mouse Hockey games are still in the playoffs...most are game 5 now. I'll be glad when hockey is over as it is getting too Summer-like for Hockey.

We are going up in a hot air balloon ride tomorrow afternoon. A bunch of us Angels are going up in a dozen balloons and looking down on earth to wave hi to our families down on earth, we will be throwing Sparkly angler dust, stars and butterflies down.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angels Jesse, Jinx, Winston & Shadow
Lindas Angels
Our baseball game
Posted April 7, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Hi all

Well, cats vs dogs in baseball...the dogs beat us with a score of 6/2, of course they are bigger and have longer legs to run with, but it was all in fun...we are having a rematch next MON night.

Spring is here and our girls have been planting flowers and getting yards prepared for the warmer days ahead. We love it...us boys can go fishing while the girls do the shopping and gardening.

I {Jesse} have to buy a new grill this year...mine has a hole in it and my coals keep falling out the bottom. Now that is funny! Gotta buy one before food falls through it, too. Of course we all have them, but we take turns BBQing

My {Jesse} crossing anniversary is coming up on the 11th. {I passed away on 4/11/16} Wow, I can't believe I have been here for 2 years now. Time sure flies.

Have a pawsome evening! Time for dinner!

Purrs & Angel hugs!!!

Angel Jesse
Lindas Angels
Getting ready for St Pats!
Posted March 4, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Up here on the rainbow Bridge we are getting ready for our annual ST PATS Parade...it will be a fun time for all...we will have green catnip beer, and green water, green soda pop for the young ones...leprechauns galore hopping everywhere leaving pots of gold for all to discover..we are planning a huge BBQ {they said no rain} after the parade with goodies galore...so if you like to cook, please feel free to bring along any of your fave foods.

We have streamers going up, decorations everywhere...clovers will be all over and we are gonna have a 4 leaf clover prize for the kitty who finds the most clovers with 4 leafs....it will be a fun day that starts at sunrise and goes to sunset....

Hope to see you all there!whistling
Lindas Angels
Having good days
Posted February 17, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Today it is me ANGEL SHADOW!

I had a good week...me and some friends baked a lot of valentine's goodies for our big Angel Valentine's/Mardi Gras party/parade.

the Boys were busy helping out with the floats for the big parades...it was a lot of fun...we love holidays on the rainbow bridge.

My b/f, Angel Lucky got me a diamond necklace with a red dangling heart on it and some heart earrings and of course a box of catnip chocolates and some red roses...I sure am a lucky girl to have a great guy in my life.

Te weather has been great, we did have some snow and the kittens and young cats loved it, they were out having snowball fights and sledding down Sunshine Mountain and building snowmen....gotta love Winter!!!

Love you all!
Lindas Angels
Mom is buried!
Posted February 10, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Good afternoon

Boy our poor mom got buried in the snow and they are still expecting 6" more tomorrow. That is a lot of snow.

We have some snow here, but over a foot, maybe up on Sunshine Mountain they have a lot of snow cause that is where we ski and sled, but where we all live, we have about 6" to 9" to play in....ad it is alright if it isn't too deep and we are dressed in our winter gear!

We are getting ready to have a Valentines Day party/parade...the young kits are dressing up in Cupid outfits and riding Heart floats, then we have lots of Valentine goodies and the ladies who bake are still busy...we will have a wonderful feast!

We are gonna go now....A Jesse's wife is calling him for dinner...so be careful and if your parents live anywhere that Snow Storm Mateo is..keep them safe!!!

Angel Huggz!!!
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