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We are all enjoying Summer
Posted July 21, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening to all

Hope you are all doing well. We are sorry we have been absent for so long, but sometimes mom can't blog for us...her life gets in the way {MOL} actually it makes her feel sad.

We love Summer and we have been going to a lot of picnics, BBQ's, and parties. being outdoors is great fun. We went kite flying today, but being Angels it brings a while new meaning to flying a kite as we can fly with them and take them up as high as we want.

We welcomed a whole new batch of Angels the last few weeks...some dogs and cats and even a bird or 2. We have been showing them around and getting them settled.

Today is our brother Loki's 3rd birthday. We sent him down an Angel Food cake and some balloons. He went out on a date with his girl. Mom's next birthdays are A Shadow {9/16} and Kali{9/11}. Of course you know we will be having a huge party for A Shadow right up here.

Enjoy the rest of Summer. We will return whenever mom gets around to bloggig for us again!

LOve you all!

The HT Angelsangel
Lindas Angels
Rainbow Bridge happenings
Posted June 9, 2019 by Lindas Angels
A JESSE: Hi all. I am having fun these days. Now that my MHL team is through for the season I can relax. I do go to cheer on my fursibs who are still playing. Let's see, we have Boston vs St Louis....Boston is KA in Cat hockey and A Shadow is on that team along with Benny & Loki. The Blues is TCLAN in cat hockey and A Sheebs is playing along with George. I am cheering for Boston/KA!

A SHADOW: Yes I am still playing and hopefully my team will win. I have been planting a garden and some pretty flowers are already coming up. Today my b/f came over and mowed my grass and helped me pull weeds. Then we BBQ'd some ribs and catnip potatoes.

A SHEEBS: I am having fun, too. I went on a picnic today with some friends of mine. We had BBQ chicken, catnip crackers with cheese and we had pawberries with cream, we also had burgers, beans, catnip salad, hotdogs and lost of other stuff.\

A JINXIE: I am takin life easy right now. Just hanging with my girl and we went on a canoe ride today. That was fun, we also caught some fish I cooked for dinner along with mac & cheese. I know mac & cheese is a cold weather dish, but what can I say? I love it!

A WIN: I am busy on earth taking care of my friend Peppermint. I am sitting here with her making sure she is comfortable and doesn't need anything. I sprinkled Angel Dust on her 2 days in a row and she seems to be doing better. She ate dinner today.


Lindas Angels
Taking care of kelsee
Posted April 28, 2019 by Lindas Angels
​We have our paws full right now. We are taking turns staying with Kelsee. A Jesse wants to always be there as he is her brother{different litter, same mom cat}. We sure don't want her to come up here right away. So if we can help her stay well just a tad longer, she can stay on earth with mom.

She still sleeps most of the day, but when mom came home from work, she was out of the bed and sleeping in her own kitty bed. She ate tuna water and tuna. Mom is hoping she will be alright. She has a revisit at the Vet tomorrow to see if there is any improvement.

We all remember being 16 {well, not A Win, he passed at 11}, A Shadow made it to 17 1/2, so perhaps there is hope for sister Kel as well.

Loki and Figaro seem to understand and they are not bothering her at all. They sniff her and leave her alone. They used to try to play with her and she would hiss and growl at them.

We will keep you all informed on her health!!!

Angels Jesse, Shadow, Sheba, Winston & Jinxangel
Lindas Angels
March celebrations!
Posted March 24, 2019 by Lindas Angels
​A JINXIE: March is always a good month for us. we celebrate 2 birthdays, St Pat's day and Mardi Gras. Fun times. Me and my girl spend lots of time together, we have been trimming our weeds{pulling them}, putting fresh dist down for our spring flowers. Raking the lawn. After the long Winter, yards need to be cleaned and animals all over the meadow are cleaning, painting, planting and getting ready.sorcerer

A SHADOW: I had one of those 2 birthdays. It was fun. Me and some girl friends went to lunch, and they took me shopping for gifts. I spent the evening with my b/f, A Lucky. He took me out to dinner and gave me a brand new necklace for my birthday. I had 3 cakes, so I shared with everyone.

A WINSTON: Like everyone else up here, my yard was a mess, too. I have been raking, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, trimming back some of the tree limbs {being an Angel helps with that as I can fly to the top}. helped my sister Shadow celebrate her birthday.angel

A JESSE: I spent the past week helping others with their chores. Then we went hiking in the woods, went mountain climbing, hot air ballooning, and river rafting. I took my beautiful wife out to a nice dinner and then we spent the evening watching movies in front of the fireplace.flowers

A SHEEBS: Today is my 16th birthday. I miss celebrating it with my earth sister, Kelsee. But I got to spend the day with all my best friends and my angel fursibs. I got a huge cake and shared with all. Tonight I am playing Mouse Hockey and all my hockey friends are throwing me and kelsee a birthday party!happybday
Lindas Angels
Rainbow Bridge happenings
Posted March 1, 2019 by Lindas Angels
ANGEL JINX: I have been having a lot of fun. With Spring in the air, we are getting ready for our annual RB Spring party. We are also having a big St Pat's party and parade. Today me and my beautiful girl, Angel Aria went for a long walk. We hiked through the woods seeing owls, deer, raccoons, possums, lots of birds, etc. We stopped and had a picnic under the trees!

ANGEL SHADOW: I was under the weather, but I am good now. A little catnip tea bought me right back to normal. I had the sniffles is all. My handsome b/f, Angel Lucky took care of me, he made me breakfast and dinner everyday I was sick {about 3 days}. Getting ready for Spring here, so A Lucky is gonna be digging up all the weeds and planting flowers soon!

ANGEL WINSTON: I am as happy as can be. I am excelling at hockey and might win an award. The season is almost over as we play our final 6 weeks and then the playoffs begin. I Can't wait for them to see who we will be facing in round 1.

ANGEL JESSE: I am having fun cleaning up outside from all the winter trash that is on the ground. I saw my 1st Robin today, he was sitting in the tree outside my cloud and tweeting away. I gave him some bread and seeds and he ate it. I also fed Pandora{my pet squirrel} I named her cause she is always on my front step looking for me.

ANGEL SHEBA: I am single. I don't have a b/f anymore. That is alright. I am sure some handsome Angel kitty will find me and ask me out. When I was an earth kitty, I had a b/f named Jesse, but his mom{owner} passed away from cancer, so I never saw after that. I will be going to the St Pats festivities all alone. I am OK though. I am happy and live a good life here.
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