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Rainbow Bridge happenings
Posted March 1, 2019 by Lindas Angels
ANGEL JINX: I have been having a lot of fun. With Spring in the air, we are getting ready for our annual RB Spring party. We are also having a big St Pat's party and parade. Today me and my beautiful girl, Angel Aria went for a long walk. We hiked through the woods seeing owls, deer, raccoons, possums, lots of birds, etc. We stopped and had a picnic under the trees!

ANGEL SHADOW: I was under the weather, but I am good now. A little catnip tea bought me right back to normal. I had the sniffles is all. My handsome b/f, Angel Lucky took care of me, he made me breakfast and dinner everyday I was sick {about 3 days}. Getting ready for Spring here, so A Lucky is gonna be digging up all the weeds and planting flowers soon!

ANGEL WINSTON: I am as happy as can be. I am excelling at hockey and might win an award. The season is almost over as we play our final 6 weeks and then the playoffs begin. I Can't wait for them to see who we will be facing in round 1.

ANGEL JESSE: I am having fun cleaning up outside from all the winter trash that is on the ground. I saw my 1st Robin today, he was sitting in the tree outside my cloud and tweeting away. I gave him some bread and seeds and he ate it. I also fed Pandora{my pet squirrel} I named her cause she is always on my front step looking for me.

ANGEL SHEBA: I am single. I don't have a b/f anymore. That is alright. I am sure some handsome Angel kitty will find me and ask me out. When I was an earth kitty, I had a b/f named Jesse, but his mom{owner} passed away from cancer, so I never saw after that. I will be going to the St Pats festivities all alone. I am OK though. I am happy and live a good life here.
Lindas Angels
Valentines Day
Posted February 15, 2019 by Lindas Angels
ANGEL JINX: I spent my day with my girl, A Aria, we went walking out in the woods in the afternoon and we saw rabbits, gophers, etc. Then we went froggin' Of course we threw the frogs back in the pond after we caught them. We had dinner at the Seafood Hut, we dined on lobster and salad. It was all very tasty!

ANGEL WINSTON: I spent the day with other Angels and then at night I went back to earth to call on my girl and we went out to eat. I gave her a box of catnip candy and roses and a beautiful heart necklace. She gave me nice chain and some catnip candy too. i took her to The Pacific Cafe and we dined on steak and mashed potatoes.

ANGEL SHEBA: I didn't do much on Valentine's Day. I don't have a b/f anymore. So i spent the day alone. I watched TV and had a burger for dinner.

ANGEL JESSE: I spent the entire day with my wife, Angel Tweetie. We went ice skating, then took a long walk in the woods and then later we ordered a romantic dinner and stayed home and atwe by the fire. I ordered us some champagne and catnip covered pawberries for dessert.

ANGEL SHADOW: I spent the day with my b/f Angel Lucky. We went for a canoe ride down the river and he gave me a nice bracelet and necklace set engraved with "I love you". Such a sweet kitty. We had dinner at the Grand Cat Cafe. It was kinda crowded so we had to wait for a seat, but it was worth the wait, the food was magnificent.
Lindas Angels
the HT Angels!
Posted February 2, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening!

Tonight is hockey night for a few of us. Just A Shadow and our earth brother Benny have games tonight. Should be fun. I guess not all teams have started yet since taking a break for the All-Star weekend.

BAD MEWS: KA Benny & poor me lost! Boo. 2 losses in a row now. NOT good. We need more practise I guess. {A Shadow}

A JINXIE: Well, my player got #1 star of the week this week. I had a hatrick in 3 games. I sure love getting so much attention from my admirers.

A WIN: I went skiing today with some other kitties. Boy we had a lot of fun. A few kitties got their skis tangled and fell and went rolling down the hill. None we hurt though! They laughed all the way to bottom.​

A SHEEBS: Happy Groundhog Day. Not that I really understand what this day is all about, I guess he did not see his shadow in PA. That critter should have went to mom's house in MI, they had bright sunny skies all day long. But Spring starts March 22nd regardless of him seeing his shadow anyway.

A JESSE: I spent the day clearing my sidewalk and shoveling snow. A few dogs came over and took the snow in big barrels over to the playground so the kittens could build them a snow-fort. They had more fun then I did!

have a great week!
The Angels!!angel
Lindas Angels
Winter activities
Posted January 18, 2019 by Lindas Angels
A SHEBA: Well, I went ice skating today. It was fun. I play Hockey so I am a good skater. A lot of kitties were asking me for help and I was happy to show them. Of course I did fall on my fuzzy butt when I tried to go to fast. {I can be a bit of a show-off}.

A JESSE: I spent the day with my wife, A Tweetie. We went sleigh riding through the woods. That was fun, then we went ice fishing and I caught 6 fish and we will freeze them for dinner. After that we spent the evening sitting by the fireplace sipping wine and eating berries.

A WINSTON: I helped a bunch of kitties build snowmen in the village today. That was a lot of fun. Some of them look really nice, we tried real hard to make them look really nice. We happened to have extra hats and scarves.

A JINX: I spent the day at the Ice Cloud Arena practising my hockey. I have a game tonight. there were lots of OC kitties at the rink, so we practised a lot, even other hockey kitties on different teams were practising today.

A SHADOW: I spent the day outside having a snowball fight with other animals that were playing. Some of the BIG dogs playing were making some large snowballs and us kitties had to hide so we wouldn't get bombarded. I saw a few dogs building an Igloo, and I went over to help with that, too.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angel Huggz!!!angel
Lindas Angels
Good MHL games tonight
Posted January 11, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening all.
Tonight was hockey night. All 5 of us Angels played tonight. Let's see, only 4 games but we all played. kelsee got to sit and watch us all play.

Angel Shadow : I play for KA and we lost to the FXP {A Win's team} and A K Win was a star of the game.

Angel Winston : Yeppers, we beat them KA cats 4/2 and I was a star, but of course I did have 2 goals in the game.

Angel Jesse : My team played The Chicago Blackhawks and we beat them 4/3 in OT. My team is called the OC {Orange Crush} all orange cats or orange/white cats.

Angel Jinxie : I am on the same team as A Jesse and yes we did win. We use the Nashville Predators as our team.

Angel Sheba : I play for TClan and my team lost to Minn Wild. I growled at them as I left the ice. I do not like losing.

Other than hockey tonight, we had a sled race on the rainbow Bridge today. It was female cats against male cats and wouldn't you know, the girls won. 20 cats on each team. After that some of us went and helped the kittens build some snowmen and we had a snowball fight, too.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angel Huggz!!angel
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