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Good afternoon

Hope everyone is doing good. Up here on the rainbow bridge every animal is fine and healthy. NO C-19 virus can get to us. 1st we are in heaven and 2nd animals are immune to it.

Hope all of your humans are doing well and not sick. Our mom is not sick, but she is bored. Staying at home has advantages and disadvantages to mom.

Hopefully all of this will be over soon so everyone can go about their business and go back to work. Mom has been doing research on how to get money coming in...she is gonna see if she can apply for unemployment for while while she off work.

She is well stocked up on our fursibs food and litter. No worries there. None of them will go hungry. PSP told mom they plan to keep a good supply while the virus is spreading.

Our next big thing will be an Easter parade. Fun fun...we will pitch in and make floats, and have a great time. Also Egg hunts for the little ones. we are all looking forward to it.

Have a pawsome day.
Lindas Angels
This has been a busy week for us, We have welcomed several new Angels and some of the Angels welcomed their dad to the rainbow bridge. One of mom's CC friends passed away from Cancer on 3/4. he has several kitties on the rainbow bridge.

It's been fairly nice around here. I have been cleaning weeds from my garden and pruning bushes...lot's of work cleaning up after melting snow getting ready for Spring.

We see lots of female animals outdoors fixing up their property, some pf the mates they have are helping mow lawn if needed.

We are gonna have a big St Pat's parade in town. Lots of activities going on.

Hope you all have a great evening!
Angel hugs to all!
Lindas Angels
It's almost Spring{A Sheba}
Posted March 2, 2020 by Lindas Angels
Well, it is almost Spring. My birthday is also coming up on March 23rd. {Same day as kelsee's} we are littermates. I did not grow up with her though, I was adopted out and then when the lady moved I was living with she called Mom Linda back and asked if she would take me back. She did.

At 1st I did not want to be there. I was frightened and hid for a week. Mom had to bring me food and water in my hidey hole. I only came out to use the litterbox.

Anyway...enough of me...I am getting my yard ready pretty soon. I intend to plant flowers and make it pretty.

Lindas Angels
Mardi Gras In heaven{A Win}
Posted February 23, 2020 by Lindas Angels
here at the rainbow bridge we are getting ready for the heavenly version of mardi gras! After all, who says we can't have fun, too and dress up and have a great time.

Everyone is decorating and trying to figure out who is gonna be in the parade...{yes we have a parade} what better way to show off our pretty and odd costumes.

Of course there is absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed here, so we have catnip stuff. Some of the lady animals are preparing magnificant meals and the guys too if we can cook!

Of course our mom has no idea when mardi gras is as she never pays attn to that! She will have to google it and find out.

Have a pawsome evening and hopefully we will see lots of you angels at our very own heavenly mardi gras!

Lindas Angels
Having a nice weekend {A Shadow}
Posted February 16, 2020 by Lindas Angels
Good evening

This has been a pawsome weekend. Valentine's on FRI. On sat me and some friends went to lunch and went shopping. Came back home and sat on my porch enjoying some decent weather.

A few kittens and puppies came over and wanted me to play with them, so we played "star spinning" and "slid down the snow covered hill on the stretch of land out back.

I went to the Ice arena and practiced my MHL playing. Shooting pucks past the goalie. I have a game tonight and my team is doing really well. My team is called "Kitty Avalanche" and we use the Boston Bruins as our team. Figaro, Benny & Loki are also on my team.

it's starting to snow a little bit. Hopefully the little ones will remember how to make them snow angels I taught them how to make.

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