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New Traditions
Posted January 5, 2020 by Lindas Angels
Starting this month we will be doing our blogs differently. each angel will take a week. we will write about what happened with the one that writes....starting things off will be our oldest angel....take it away a Jinx!

well, i had a pawsome NYE with my girl. we sat by the fireside and listened to romantic music on the stereo. always nice to have soft music playing.

we were snacking on pawberries and cream and drinking kitty champagne....around 12:00 a bunch of angels went outside and yelled :"happy new year" we are not allowed to shot off guns or have firecrackers here on the rainbow bridge. nobody wants to go to animal lockup....well, actually we do not have a lockup, we are always good and well behaved.

well, i have to get going...i have to go to the ice arena and practice skating and shooting. i have a mouse hockey game tonight and hopefully my team wins!!!

HAPPY 2020!
Angel Jinxie!
Lindas Angels
Happy New year
Posted December 29, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening all

We all had a great Christmas, thank you and we sure hope all of you did as well.

The rainbow Bridge is still all aglow with the lights and trees. We are planning a NYE party for those who are alone or even if you have loved ones up here as well.

We do have snow and we have been out for walks and hikes in the woods. A Shadow and her b/f got caught in a snow drift and had to have a few Angels dig them out..good thing we have Angel dogs up here as they were in pretty deep.

AJ took his girl ice skating {he keeps in shape for hockey}. they both had fun.

Angel Sheba and her b/f made smores and hot cocoa and sat by the fireplace one night....so romantic.

Anyway..off we go..some of us have Hockey tonight and must go practice so our team win.

Stay safe!
The HT Angels!~
Lindas Angels
it's almost Autumn by Jesse
Posted September 15, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Hi everyone

Well, Autumn is approaching fast and we are preparing for it up at the RB. the Cider Mill will be open soon and they have Haunted Hayrides around Halloween every year. It start Oct 20th and runs through Halloween. The younger Angels love it.

me and my wife have been decorating kinda early and planting some Fall mums. Our Autumn garden looks so beautiful. She sure has a way with flowers.

Also the best part is MHL is starting back up shortly. All the team Capts are making their rosters and getting things ready. Finding out if their team is all coming back. We always go back.

We have been practicing hard over at the Angel ice Arena and I think we are ready to get back in the swing of things.

Have a pawsome evening!
Angel huggs!angel
Lindas Angels
Parade on the Bridge
Posted July 27, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening.

It is a delightful day here on the RB. We are getting ready for a big parade. Every August we have a parade just to celebrate us Angels.

A Jesse went fishing yesterday with A Win and they caught 15 rainbow trout so we had a BBQ and also made catnip beans and hot dogs and all kinds of stuff.

Of course A Win is also busy running his famous Pizzeria. he hired 3 new counter pets to keep the customers happy.

We had 4 more new Angels join us last week. So we were busy at the welcoming committee as well. Lots of teachers to teach the new comers all the tricks of being an Angel.

Have a pawsome evening!
Angel Huggz!!!angel
Lindas Angels
We are all enjoying Summer
Posted July 21, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening to all

Hope you are all doing well. We are sorry we have been absent for so long, but sometimes mom can't blog for us...her life gets in the way {MOL} actually it makes her feel sad.

We love Summer and we have been going to a lot of picnics, BBQ's, and parties. being outdoors is great fun. We went kite flying today, but being Angels it brings a while new meaning to flying a kite as we can fly with them and take them up as high as we want.

We welcomed a whole new batch of Angels the last few weeks...some dogs and cats and even a bird or 2. We have been showing them around and getting them settled.

Today is our brother Loki's 3rd birthday. We sent him down an Angel Food cake and some balloons. He went out on a date with his girl. Mom's next birthdays are A Shadow {9/16} and Kali{9/11}. Of course you know we will be having a huge party for A Shadow right up here.

Enjoy the rest of Summer. We will return whenever mom gets around to bloggig for us again!

LOve you all!

The HT Angelsangel
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