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I'm a refugee...
Posted January 22, 2014 by Ginger Haycox
Well, okay that might be a little melodramatic, but I made my way here from another sinking site so that's sort of like a refugee...isn't it? yes

It seems funny/sad starting all over again after being at another place for 8 years. But we're up for it. We'll make mistakes...already have in fact with our name, but the sky isn't falling & we will go on.

I am the mommy of 6 wonderfully gorgeous kits. Five boys & one very spoiled little girl. We hope to find old friends & make new ones here at Cathugger. Be prepared to be bombarded with questions tho' as we try to figure out how to get everything done here. We're looking forward to hearing from other cats too!!!
Oh! BTW, our names are, from oldest to youngest, Darius, Spencer, Trey, Milo, Murray & Dharma!
Spencer gets to be the profile pic right now because he's a miracle!