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Posted April 2, 2019 by George
​Linda said that once it warms up enough, she will open her door and dad Charlie can open his door and Linda will put the gate up between the doors, and we all can see each other, but not touch. We can sniff each other and put our paws in the holes in the gate, but that is it.

Right now it is too cold to leave doors open. The weather refuses to warm up. They did say we might see 70* one day next week, but we will see.

Maybe I can play with one of them and they won't wanna fight me like Benny does. i think he likes girls better then boys. Linda told Charlie he always hisses at Loki and Figgy but he never hisses at the girls. I guess he thinks he is protecting his sisters from me or something.

Til next time!
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