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Posted February 13, 2019 by George
Good evening

We woke up to more snow today. We are only supposed to get 1- 1 1/2" of it though. It is 25* and windy as well. Not a good day to venture out. All that ice from yesterday is under the snow and it is dangerous to walk on.

I am sitting on the dining room table by the window in my bed watching it snow. I was pawing at the flakes and dad Charlie thought it was funny, he told Linda about it. I don't know where Woody is hiding, he is probably somewhere sleeping.

Linda is bringing a new kitty home on FRI. I can't wait to meet him. It will be exciting to meet a new cat...well, I guess the little guy is a kitten at only 8 months. He's gonna keep the older kitties on their paws, that's for sure.

Well, i hope it is warmer by you and you are staying warm and comfy!

have a pawsome evening

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