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Posted April 20, 2019 by George
​Good afternoon all!

What a terrible day today. All it did was rain. BLAH! Not a good day to look out the window and see birds or squirrels. Just rain drops. it is supposed to stop later and tomorrow will be 65*, not too sure about sun though!

The other day I was 'playing' with one of Linda's cats or maybe 2 of them. I heard pawing at the front door so I went to investigate, heard it again....one of the cats was pawing at the door and meowing for me to come and play. Dad Charlie said not yet, we will wait til we are all around to stop any fights that may occur. I was pawing back at them and meowing too....it went on for awhile, then I heard Linda telling her boys to come in the house so she could close the door.

Poor Linda has to work tomorrow. She hopes it is kinda slow and maybe her boss will decide to close up early. She is cooking dinner here at home. She bought a pork roast and rolls and potatoes and corn. I like pork roast!~

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