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Everything is purrty!
Posted December 11, 2018 by George
Linda decorated her apt yesterday with the help of Kelsee. She said she loves to help mom deck out the apt. I guess Benny was hiding case he was afraid mom would ask him for help. 11400

It's very cold here today. Only 26* and gloomy. No sunshine at all. It looks like we might get some snow, but so far no flakes are flying around.

Mr Squirrel came back for A VISIT. We heard him on the back porch. He was climbing up Linda's kitchen window making lots of noise to get her attention. She gave him a bowl of nuts.

have a pawsome evening!
Dad Charlie decorated
Posted December 4, 2018 by George
Dad Charlie has his tree up and Woody was trying to play with the bulbs. I was sleeping under it last night. Mom Linda said she will put her stuff up next Tuesday. She has no tree though, she lost a lot of her Holiday stuff when the basement flooded. She does have more, but no tree and no ornaments.

I guess she is at home watching "Gremlins". She had to give my dad some mail and she told him she was watching "Gremlins". I never seen it. Kelsee & Benny are watching it with her unless they are sleeping.

Today we have a partly sunny day, but a few clouds are around blocking the sunshine. It is cold, only 32* outside, but no wind and no snow. Guess that is alright. I don't care for that cold fluffy white stuff anyway.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening!

Pawhuggz from George
Cold & Windy
Posted November 27, 2018 by George
​Good afternoon

It sure got cold outside. I was crying at the back door yesterday and Charlie told me I couldn't go out cause it was too cold and gets dark too early now. Oh well, I did try!

I wanted to go to Linda's house to see her cats, but she told me I can't come back until I promise to be nice to Benny and stop picking fights with him. I never pick fights with the girls, but I guess I don;t like boys, but I live with one who hides from me.

Dad Charlie got a big box from Chewy yesterday. there was a bag of cat food and a case of cans for me and Woody. We like getting boxes and then Charlie lets us play in them. Woody made himself a bed in his box. Dad Charlie should put a towel or blanket in his box for him.

Have you ever seen my girl??/ Her name is Lizzie and she lives in Jacksonville FL. She is over my house this week visiting with us. Then next week I will go to FL to visit with her.

It is very noisy here today. Our landlord has the roofers on the roof repairing all the leaks. Mom Linda and Dad Charlie don't have leaks in their apts, but the last apt down has lots of leaks. The tar sure smells bad and it is difficult to take a nap with all the noise up there.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrz !!!
Turkey dinner
Posted November 20, 2018 by George
Good afternoon.

Our neighbor, Linda and the HT kitties have told Charlie {my dad} that she will bring us over a plate full of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and rolls. Not too sure about dessert though. I don't like pie, but of course the whipped cream is good.

We have a few nice days coming up. It's been sunny with blue skies and in the upper 30's. It is supposed to be 41* on Thanksgiving. No snow is in the forecast, but we had a dusting this morning when we all go up.

I got to go over and visit with Kelsee and Kali the other day. Benny doesn't like me much. Of course I start a fight with him and we hiss and growl at each other. WE are good outside cause it is a large area, but in the house, we fight.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.
Purrz & Pawhuggz! {George}
Happy Halloween
Posted October 30, 2018 by George
Hi all

Well, today is just a good day to sleep the day away. It is very gloomy outside. Supposed to have rain for the next few days.

None of us cats have been outside lately. I think Kelsee and Benny were outside yesterday on the back porch, but they were not out very long cause it was windy. Charlie doesn't let me out too much once Summer is gone.

Do you all celebrate Halloween? Around here there are not many kids, so not too many houses pass out candy. The littlest kids go out around 5 but are in before it gets dark. The Malls and bigger stores here have Halloween for the kids and our local shopping center does it as well, between 3 and 4 today {after school} all the stores pass out candy to kids dressed up.

Us kitties are going to be playing hockey on Halloween night. They are decorating the arena for Halloween and having a lot of Halloween themed food for us to eat. Should be a lot of fun.

Have a Happy Halloween and be careful whatever you do
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