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Rain & gloom
Posted April 20, 2019 by George
​Good afternoon all!

What a terrible day today. All it did was rain. BLAH! Not a good day to look out the window and see birds or squirrels. Just rain drops. it is supposed to stop later and tomorrow will be 65*, not too sure about sun though!

The other day I was 'playing' with one of Linda's cats or maybe 2 of them. I heard pawing at the front door so I went to investigate, heard it again....one of the cats was pawing at the door and meowing for me to come and play. Dad Charlie said not yet, we will wait til we are all around to stop any fights that may occur. I was pawing back at them and meowing too....it went on for awhile, then I heard Linda telling her boys to come in the house so she could close the door.

Poor Linda has to work tomorrow. She hopes it is kinda slow and maybe her boss will decide to close up early. She is cooking dinner here at home. She bought a pork roast and rolls and potatoes and corn. I like pork roast!~

Soon to meet the 'boys'.
Posted April 2, 2019 by George
​Linda said that once it warms up enough, she will open her door and dad Charlie can open his door and Linda will put the gate up between the doors, and we all can see each other, but not touch. We can sniff each other and put our paws in the holes in the gate, but that is it.

Right now it is too cold to leave doors open. The weather refuses to warm up. They did say we might see 70* one day next week, but we will see.

Maybe I can play with one of them and they won't wanna fight me like Benny does. i think he likes girls better then boys. Linda told Charlie he always hisses at Loki and Figgy but he never hisses at the girls. I guess he thinks he is protecting his sisters from me or something.

Til next time!
Cold and sunny
Posted March 26, 2019 by George
​Good afternoon!

Today I almost got in to see the new neighbors, but dad Charlie caught me trying to get in. Linda came over to give dad a pair of drapes. She got new ones and when she buys new things she always asks dad if he wants her old ones.

Figgy and Loki were both in the hallway when I snuck out the door. They were down by the door sniffing the cold air from under it. They look like nice kids.

Today it is cold. Only 35*, but it is sunny and the sky is blue. Wish it warm up though. Not good being cold in Spring.

Well, I'm gonna go and take a kitty nap!!! My brother Woody is sleeping, so i will go join him.

Sunny but chiily
Posted March 19, 2019 by George

We have a sunny day, but it is chilly out. It is 45*, but the wind is northerly. Spring is in the air, so soon enough dad Charlie will open windows so I can in one and watch outside and get fresh air.

I wanted to go across the hall to meet "Loki" and "Figaro", but Linda is afraid I will fight with them cause I fight with Benny. I wanna see the new dudes. I know they are young ones.

I saw Loki in the hallway, but dad would not ;et me go out there to say hi to him. he looks like a nice cat. I wanna meet them and maybe play with them.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
All good
Posted March 12, 2019 by George

Hope you all are doing well today. I am alright. Me and Woody were home alone as dad Charlie had to go out. He came back with some food, etc. For him cause he orders from Chewy!

He placed our tree by the window so we can sit on it and watch outside, so we watch the birds and sometimes the squirrels out there. It is getting warmer out, so the squirrels will be coming back more...right now we have 1, but in the summer there are more.

It's getting warm outside. Today was 43*, tomorrow will be 47* and Thursday will be 60*, but rain. Why rain, we have had all sunny skies for a long stretch of days and now rain. BLAH!!!

I am at a loss for words. Meow!

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