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My BIG Adventure
Posted November 7, 2017 by George
Well, seeing as how Linda has 4 kitties and Charlie has none and his brother{his only living relative} passed away, he was so lonely, that I decided to live with him, but I see Linda and the cats all the time and once I move across the hall I'll see them even more.

-I had a good adventure yesterday. Linda was helping Charlie move some stuff upstairs, and i got outside in the back yard...well around 10:30 -11:00 I started getting cold and lonely, so I went upstairs and meowed at Linda's door cause Charlie didn't hear me...she let me in and gave me treats and her cats came to see who was in the house...Kali just looked and walked away, Ben sniffed, licked my face and went away and the sisters were trying to take away my treats...Linda gave them their own treats, but they wanted mine too...Sheba was growling and trying to take mine...then Charlie called Linda and asked if she saw me...yes indeed, I was upstairs eating treats...I went down when he called me in and Woody also came running in.

Today Linda went to the store and bought me a 7# bag of dry kibble cause Charlie's check doesn't come til next week and I needed food...it is so very nice that Linda helps Charlie buy me food so I will not starve.

Next week i will be living across the hall from the HT kitties and Linda, so i will get to see therm more often again. It was a fairly nice day today..we got to around 54*, but it was kinda cloudy, but not too cold, so I was out for a while then went back inside...I sure don't want to be outside and be lonely and cold again. Have a pawsome evening!!! Pawhuggz!!!
I am new here
Posted October 31, 2017 by George
Hi..I am new to the family. I was abandoned by my old owner when he moved out and left me behind to fend for myself {not very nice} well, i already knew Linda and her cats from being here 3 years, so when I was left behind, she adopted me.

I am co-owned by Linda {Kelsee's mom} and her neighbor Charlie...both of them feed me and take turns having me in their apt.

I am a declawed kitty and also neutered, so Linda never lets me outside the yard like my other owner used to do and he usually kept me outside all night...being declawed I could NOT protect myself from critters like raccoons or possum.

I am a very happy kitty now and don't even think about wanting to go outside the yard anymore to roam free...I have turned into a homebody!
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