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Posted April 27, 2019 by George

We finally got to meet up in the hallway. Both boys were very friendly to me. neither one hissed or growled like big brother Benny does. They sniffed me from head to tail and I sniffed them and Figaro even raised a paw to my face. he didn't scratch or anything just put his paw on my face. Not too sure if it was just a hello pat or he was telling me to keep my distance from his face...but it looks purromising as far as getting along and maybe someday even playing together.

Our weather is still kinda iffy. Rained all day yesterday and today is gloomy and grey. usually this late in April it is in the mid 60's, but this morning it was just 44* when we all got up. Both dad and Mom linda has their heat back on.

Dad Charlie got a BIg package from Chewy with big bag of food, litter and lots of cans of food. Then we got to play in the box. it is big enough for a whole family of cats to play in. Linda gave me some toys her cats no longer play with so ow I have toys too. I like the catnip toys best of all. Linda told Charlie to buy me some catnip.

Have a pawsome evening!
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