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Posted December 18, 2018 by George

Everything at both apts is looking good. Charlie and Linda both did a fine job decorating. dad Charlie put up mine and Woody's stockings and a few other things. Linda has all her cats stockings, ornaments up. She hangs their special purrsonalized ornaments on their cat tree. She is sad though cause she lost all her Angels ornaments in the flood.

it is cold here today, but the sun is shining brightly and there are a few fluffy clouds out, just 33* though, But we are luckier than some folks. We have no snow storms here so we have no snow. Some places got hit really hard.X

I am visiting in Jacksonville, FL with my girl, Lizzie and Ben is here with Charlee and Woody with Aria. We are all going back home Sunday night to spend Christmas with mom and Charlie. It is really warm in FL.

Mom was gonna make Woody a page, but we can't get pictures of him cause he always hides. he is afraid of the bright light from the phone and camera, so there are no pictures of him to post. He is in a picture with Aria, but only a generic b/w cat mom found on Google.

Well, I am gonna let you go now. I won't be back til after Christmas cause next Tuesday is Christmas and my day to blog. So with that said...I wish you all a Merry Catmas and hope you all get everything your kitty heart desires.

Meowy catmas

George & Lizzie
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