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Posted December 14, 2019 by George
Good evening

me, my brother and dad Charlie are all getting ready for Christmas. Linda gave dad a few things she no longer uses, so he has those up and we have a small tree in the corner by the window I like to sleep under. It is on a table, but I sleep on the table under the tree.

Linda's place looks festive with all the lights and little decorations she has up. I saw it when I tried to visit Loki and Figaro, but Ben saw me and chased me away. he doesn't like me coming into his 'territory'.

It's not too cold this week. it will stay in the mid to upper 30's and 20's at night. Cloudy though and no sunshine. But I got to go outside on the back porch when dad took out the trash, and Woody my brother came too. we were not out long, just a few minutes.

have a pawsome evening!
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