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Posted January 8, 2019 by George
Looks like I am about a month behind, so I will be starting over with my new blog for 2019. So far I am doing well. I am getting fat and fiesty according to dad Charlie. I do eat well and I do like to go and play with the girls across the hall.

Benny isn't too keen with me coming over to his house, but the girls are ok with it, so I visit when I can. I stay for awhile and then meow at the door to go back home. the girls and Benny have some really pawsome toys to play with and they gave me some to share with Woody, so we can play too.

For Christmas we got some toys and food and dad Charlie got a new blanket, so he placed it on the table by the window for me and Woody to lay on and sleep or watch the birds. The blanket is very soft and comfy.

Our weather is fine. Today we hit 53*, but it was raining all day, or most of it. But by the weekend old Man Winter is throwing some cold stuff our way as temps drop to the low 20's for highs over the weekend.
Stay warm and stay out of trouble!

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