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Staying inside
Posted March 21, 2020 by Angel George

With all this 'quarantine' going on. Dad Charlie barely leaves the apt unless it is necessary. But he does venture out once in awhile just to go walking...everyone needs fresh air and sunshine, so when it is nice outside he will go for a walk.

I was out on the back porch yesterday and Loki wanted to come out, but Linda told him no as it was chilly and windy. I wasn't out long, but my silly brother Woody was out for about an hour. Me..maybe 20 minutes.

I have been sitting on the table next to the window. Not a lot going on. I usually see lots of kids getting on a big yellow bus early in the morning and getting dropped off later.

No cars anywhere, just a few. Our street is usually pretty busy, but not lately. Our squirrel buddy comes out and I saw him in the middle of the street yesterday eating a piece of pizza. I guess someone threw out a slice or he found it in the trash. No worries about getting hit by a car.

Have a nice day!
Pawhuggz & meows
Angel George
A sorrowful week
Posted March 7, 2020 by Angel George

Most of you might know already that my dad was in the hospital from Wed to Fri. I was very worried about him. He was weak and sore. I want to thank Loki and Benny for telling all of you.

Our neighbor and my part time caretaker looked after me and my brother. I loved seeing her come over and wanted hugs and pets while Woody just hissed and hid. he is a fraidy cat.

Linda came in the morning to see us, give us fresh water, kibble and clean the box out, then she came in the afternoon to see how we were...usually sleeping by then, than again at dinner time she came and fed us and pet me some more...she came and said goodnight to us at bedtime.

I was so happy when dad came home on FRI evening. I met him at the door and helped him bring in his bags. Then he sat down to relax and I climbed in his lap. All is good again and back to normal.

Have a pawsome evening~
Mews & purrz!
Angel George
Squirrel watching is fun
Posted February 29, 2020 by Angel George
Today we have a sunny day and it is 32*, I was sitting in the window just about to lay down and take a nap when a sudden movement caught my eye. Low and meow...it was a squirrel running across the electric line outside.

I'll tell you, I though he was gonna fall off it. But his little paws kept him there and he made it all the way to the pole and climbed to the top and sat there to rest!

I enjoy watching them from the window, but when dad George lets me go outside in the yard, I chase them. They are scared of little ole me, so they climb the fence and skedaddle, dad thinks if I actually caught one, I might get bit. he said they bite and he doesn't want me getting hurt. Still, who can resist chasing a critter out in your yard!

Have a pawsome evening!
Angel George
My lazy days
Posted February 8, 2020 by Angel George

Sorry I have been absent. Linda works on Saturday and sometimes she is just too tired to be on her computer, it depends on how busy the diner was.

We got snow and dad Charlie let me and my brother outside in it. We stayed on the back porch while he took out his trash. Woody ran back in the house as fast as he could cause he did not enjoy have wet paws. I stayed out and waited for Charlie. I saw Loki sitting in the kitchen window in Linda's apt. he meowed at me. I guess he wanted to come outside too. But Linda did not let him out.

I never venture far when I go out back. Especially not in the snow. The snow did not bother me at all. I was sniffing it and walking around in it. Charlie told e "Now come on George, let's go back inside", so I went back in.

Have a pawsome weekend~
Angel George
My Christmas with Charlie
Posted December 28, 2019 by Angel George
Good evening.
I had a nice Christmas with dad Charlie and Woody. {he's my fursib}. Dad Charlie gave us some Fancy Feast and some fuzzy mice that squeak and Linda gave us toys and catnip and treats.

I like taking naps under the tree. I jump up on the table and lay under it. It is just a table tree. Woody never even tries to jump up on the table...he is a little fat, but he jumps in the windows to look out.

Have a peaceful and Happy New year!
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