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Furmonster Mom
Posted April 9, 2011 by Furmonster Mom
Why I am HERE and not THERE...

Late last September, Ted & Lori gave me the boot...

Let me back up a bit:

On Sept. 16, I logged in to Catster after an extended break. I noticed that my cat pages had been "re-arranged". Though I thought it odd (because they had been compliant with the OLD policy), I re-set them back the way I had them. I checked my P-mail, nothing; I checked the No to Nutro Group, there were some comments about HL & censorship and a proposal to change the name. Curious, I searched around the forums and friends diaries to see what had happened. I found nothing that shed any light on it. So I figured the comments were in regards to the GROUP.

So, I wrote a note to the admins of the GROUP regarding my feelings on the proposed name change. In that note, I SPECULATED on the reasons that Catster might be censoring things... Keep in mind, I still didn't know for sure what had actually happened. By this time, it was very late for me, and I was too tired to pursue the matter any further.

I logged in the next couple days, picked up a P-mail from one of the other GROUP admins, but had RL issues that needed attention; so again, I did not investigate any further.

Then my car broke down, and both of my computers died. Needless to say, I was pre-occupied.

When the dust had settled a bit, I had the BRILLIANT idea of checking my Catster specific e-mail.

THAT is when I FINALLY saw Lori's notice (Sept 7) that they were "cleaning up" my personal pages because they were implementing a new policy change. There were also a couple of strongly worded follow up admonishments (Sept 23) for my actions of re-setting the pages.

After canceling my CatsterPlus subscription, I replied to both Lori & Ted that I had acted BEFORE I actually SAW the policy change. They came back saying they didn't believe me because of the (private) note I had written to the GROUP admins. They then said flat out that I was unwelcome and removed my account.

I've replied that their assumptions regarding that note are incorrect, but I doubt it will make any difference to them. They seem to have their minds made up.

I was a member for 2 years. I initially joined Catster because one of my cats was going through serious liver issues, and I found a very supportive and knowledgeable community. I did my best to return that support and knowledge and I have missed that interaction.

I would like to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to Dale, Niel and the Archangel crew for putting this site together. I look forward to re-connecting with friends and acquaintances, as well as hopefully making some new friends.
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Hope wrote at April 29, 2011
0 Votes
Hi Furmonster Mom!balloon
Kathy Miller wrote at April 10, 2011
0 Votes
Pleased to meet you. A lot of my friends have had similar experiences and I only go on Catster to keep up with a couple of them who have not set up accounts here. I've sent you a friend request this morning! I love your cats!
Kathy Miller
Lori Martin wrote at April 10, 2011
0 Votes
Sadly, that's a familiar story.
Lori Martin
Dale S Eggers wrote at April 9, 2011
0 Votes
Thanks for your words of encouragement.
Dale S Eggers
Erin Monahan wrote at April 9, 2011
1 Vote
I was deleted by Lori on my 4th anniversary of joining. Unlike you, i KNEW what was going on & was quite vocal about it... i got kenneled...which upset me even more so i was seriously considering leaving, Lori had a temper tantrum because i didn't leave when she wanted me to & deleted me... i had changed my mind & decided i was going to stay, just not as Plus (i wasn't going to give them more of my $) & was only going to keep Siouxsie's page but... oh well... lori has alienated alot of long-term members. Im grateful for cathugger too
Erin Monahan