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Posted May 8, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today is a funny day. We woke up to snow...in MAY!!! it was 35*, now it is 41*. Too cold for May and mom has her heat on again.

We are all just as mom said 'chillaxin'. today. Mom is in her PJS watching TV, and us cats are all napping in our fave spots.

Our Governor just extended our stay-at-home order til May 28th. People are angry cause it interferes with Memorial Day plans. Most parks are still closed anyway.

Mom never has plans cause she works anyway on memorial day when the diner is open. She BBQ's on the back porch.

Our squirrel, Cashew came by today looking for food, but it was too cold today or mom to take it outside, but he sat and watched and waited....he eventually went bye bye.

Stay safe
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all your moms.
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Jade wrote at May 10, 2020
0 Votes
We had some snow here yesterday too!
Jax wrote at May 8, 2020
0 Votes
Wow, snow in May! eek