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Posted April 16, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening to all my friends.

I woke mom up at 6am today. i jumped on her bed and started meowing loudly in her ear and patting her face to wake up. My kibble bowl was empty and my little tummy was growling for food. I had no choice but to wake her up. RIGHT???

mom opened one eye and looked at her clock and said "Figs, it is way too early to get up, now go back to sleep ", I meowed again and again until she got up to fill my bowl. After that I let her sleep til 10:30.

Then mom got up, petted us all and brushed out Miss Kali who was having none of it, she kept growling and meowing at mom. She sure is loud when mom grooms her. Mom got all her fur combed out and then let her go after she held her and told her she a good girl. GOOD GIRL??? What?? With all that noise and growling?

Then mom got ready and she left us all alone while she went to Walmart. She didn't get us nothing. Can you believe that/? Nothing! Our stuff comes in a big box from a place called Chewy.com.

Well, I am off to bug by brother, Loki and see if he wants to play with me, or stay sleeping.

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