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Posted June 9, 2020 by FIGARO
Good evening

mom put up our tent on the back porch and is keeping it up for us all summer so if we want we can go out everyday now. She doesn't even have to be outside to watch us cause we are safe on the back porch. Not a lot of room for mom to walk, but she doesn't need to walk as long as she can get around us.

Today was nice. Breezy, sunny and hot. Mom went grocery shopping and was gone an hour and as purromised she let us go out when she came home, so we spent the afternoon in the tent.

Mom came outside after she put the groceries away. It was hot{94*} but because the wind was blowing so hard, there was big winds and it didn't seem so hot. Mom finished reading her latest book, "the institute" by stephen king {mom's fave author}.

I hope you all had a pawsome day too ,and got to do whatever it is you all like to do..

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Grammy Crew wrote at June 11, 2020
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We glady you and your family are having a pawsome day, Figs. It's in the 80's here, but we have a warm breeze too. Grammy also went grocery shopping today. She said she is noticing that prices are going up on everything. Well we hope you continue having a Pawsome day. Take care.
Grammy Crew
Tate wrote at June 10, 2020
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Sounds like a lot of fun FigaroSmile