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Posted June 23, 2020 by FIGARO
Hi all

Sorry we have been away, but mom lost her job and she is very sad, and depressed and she didn't want to come to kitty sites being all unhappy.

She is putting her resume up on INDEED and hopefully something will come of it. There must be other diners in the vicinity that need dishwashers part-time.

Mom is running low on money and has the 5 of us to feed and keep clean and buy litter for. She also needs to pay rent, so she really needs a job.

Us cats are trying to help mom be happy by pulling our antics. Sometimes she laughs and sometimes she yells at us to 'be good'.

It's been hot and humid here and we have been in the 90's, but this week we had a rain storm and it cooled things off. Today is only 75* and quite windy, we were outside in our tent and had fun for awhile.

It is nap-time now so we are all back in the house and we found our fave spots to lay down and sleep...it got too windy outside for mom.

Have a nice day!
Tags: Depression
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FIGARO wrote at July 7, 2020
0 Votes
Scary times....
Daniel wrote at June 24, 2020
0 Votes
Hopes your Mom finds a new job. Our Mom has been furloughed and not sure what’s going to happen next. Such scary times for many.
Tate wrote at June 24, 2020
0 Votes
So sorry FIgaro, these are very sad times and Im sure you are making your momcat feel better and will get her through this difficult time. Lots of people have lost their jobs and feel the same way so dont feel alone. Hopefully a better job will come your way soon!!
King Rex wrote at June 23, 2020
0 Votes
I'm sorry to hear this Figaro. I hope your mommy gets a new job soon.
King Rex