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Posted June 11, 2019 by FIGARO
​Hi all

We all got to go outside again today. We love it out there and stay out all day, come in for dinner and then go back out til mom calls us in, usually around 7-ish.
I chased bugs, and them fuzzy things all around. I caught and ate a fly. Took a nap with Loki in the kitty tent. Then we woke up and played some more. I watched birds and meowed at them, but mom said I can't have one.

She told me a story about how my big Angel brother Jesse used to catch birds and refuse to give them up and would growl at mom if she tried. What a silly cat, sure wish I could have met him.

Now we are inside and all taking a nap. We played hard today and a nap is what we need to refresh for our 2nd round of fun when mom goes to bed.

Have a pawsome week ahead!!

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Kibbles wrote at June 12, 2019
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Boy, Figs you all had a really nice day outside. Hopes you has more great weather so you all can go outside agains. Has a great day with your family.