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Posted August 13, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon all!

I had me a nice day. Too bad for mom though, she had to see her human VET! he said mom is alright but her has a tummy virus. Eveytime her eats she doesn't feel well. It is hard for mom to eat an entire meal without her tummy hurtin.

When she came home we got to go back outside in our tent. Mom forgot her keys and had to push the screen out of her back door to open the big door which was not locked {mom locks the screen door with a padlock}, so she had to take the screen to the hardware store for a new one. 1-2 weeks and it will cost $26.00.

Then she found some old screen and taped it to the door over the big hole where the screen goes. She did not want to put the storm window back in cause it is still too hot for that. So we have a temporary screen til the new one is done.

Mom took us in for dinner and now we are all nappin. mom is bloggin and we are nappin...life is great...we get to sleep while our Secretary does all the hard work.

have a grate evening!
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