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Posted March 29, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoonthumbup1

This place is a lot of fun. There Are so many new toys​ to play with. These cats had a lot of them. Mom said they haven't played with them in years, but they are mew to me and Loki.

Last night I laying nice on the bed with mom when Kelsee decided she wanted to be on the bed too. She came over and sniffed me and I bolted off the bed, she scared me when she sniffed me. I got back on the bed and went back to sleep.

Mom had to go to the ER today. She cut her finger and a knife and it would not stop bleeding, no matter how she squeezed it and ran it under cold water, so she went to the ER and came home later with a big ole bandage on the finger. she said she got 2 stitches and had to stop at the store for rubber gloves to wear to work over the weekend.

Off to chase Loki if I can find him and wake him up.

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