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Wet morning
Posted August 27, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening every kitty

I had me a good day. Mom went out this morning for about an hour with her friend. Then she was home before we even woke up.

She took me and Loki outside and put us in our tent to play. It was wet from the rain this morning. But we sat in the dry area.

We enjoy being in our tent cause we get to watch nature go by...butterflies, birds and squirrels all running and flying. Even flies and bees.

Later in the afternoon when the sun came out, Mom allowed me and Loki to come out of the tent...me 1st cause she wanted to be sure I wasn't gonna try to escape, but I did not. She let Loki out and we both walked all over the yard eating grass, and sniffing everything in site. Mom was watching us like a hawk, she was following Loki around to see if would try to escape so she could see where he got out 2 times, but with mom watching him, he never even tried.

It was fun running all over the yard again like I did when I came home from the shelter. I chased a small white butterfly and almost caught it, but it flew higher then I could jump, so it got away.

We are all in the house now and we ate our dinner and now we are all napping and mo is at her laptop.

have a pawsome evening
Posted August 13, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon all!

I had me a nice day. Too bad for mom though, she had to see her human VET! he said mom is alright but her has a tummy virus. Eveytime her eats she doesn't feel well. It is hard for mom to eat an entire meal without her tummy hurtin.

When she came home we got to go back outside in our tent. Mom forgot her keys and had to push the screen out of her back door to open the big door which was not locked {mom locks the screen door with a padlock}, so she had to take the screen to the hardware store for a new one. 1-2 weeks and it will cost $26.00.

Then she found some old screen and taped it to the door over the big hole where the screen goes. She did not want to put the storm window back in cause it is still too hot for that. So we have a temporary screen til the new one is done.

Mom took us in for dinner and now we are all nappin. mom is bloggin and we are nappin...life is great...we get to sleep while our Secretary does all the hard work.

have a grate evening!
getting somewhat cooler
Posted August 6, 2019 by FIGARO

Today was a nice day. We got to 84*, but then it started to rain. We came in and mom called for carryout dinner. {she forgot to defrost something}. She gave us our dinner.

I found a new toy. This one is fuzzy and white and flies around outside. Not a butterfly. I caught one and got it stuck to my paw, had a hard time getting it off, then it was stuck to my face...stupid toy. I am not too sure I like them. Mom says it is a dandelion fluff.

In the house I caught 2 flies. Mom lets them out the window if I don't catch them. Loki caught one, too. But I won cause I caught 2. Kelsee calls them 'sky raisins'.

Mom went to Kroger and came home with 5 bags and in one bag was a box of meow Mix...new food for kitties. Now that she has 4 cats that eat wet food, she needs to keep up the supply before we 'demand'.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening.
BIG pawhuggz!!!
Stranger in our house
Posted July 30, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening

We had a nice day. BUT there were 2 guys in the house today. One guy was the landlord and Loki was all over him wanting to be pet, and then the other guy was a stranger we never saw before, he came to install mom's new TV satellite. She went from DTV to DISH. he was here for about 1 and 1/2 hours.

Me and Loki were outside in the tent cause he was in and out and mom did not want us to get outside and out of the yard. kelsee went outside and climbed in the chair and slept awhile.

Now mom has a new system, we have a small box to play with and we are all happy. Mo is especially happy cause she saves $25.00 a month with DISH.

I was chasing flies today. They are fun to chase. Sometimes they get away, but I catch a lot of them. Loki gets some too.

We saw a strange kitty in the vacant yard next door. it was orange and white and kinda small. He ran off when he saw mom coming down. he might belong to the man next door to the vacant lot cause he has 2 cats.

Have a pawsome evening
Purrz & Pawhuggz!!!
Loud hard rain
Posted July 23, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening

Let me tell you something. Don't be outside when the rain comes...me and Loki were both in our tent in the yard when it started raining, so mom had to venture out in the rain to bring us out of it and in the house. Our fur was all wet. Then the water turned to little ice balls and were really noisy hitting our windows. I hissed at the window and mom said she never heard me hiss before.

It was only 80* today for a high. Mom went grocery shopping and came home with a lot of bags...boy that was fun. I was sticking my nose in all of them to see what she bought.

We are all inside now for the night. Mom said no more outside cause our tent is all wet now and so is the sidewalk. I wouldn't like to get wet again.

It's gonna be a cooler week, too. Only in the low 80's for highs with no humidity. We get to go outside everyday. Are we not lucky kitties.

Have a pawsome evening!!!

Purrz & Pawhugz!!!
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