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I woke mom up
Posted February 25, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon!

This morning I woke mom up at 8:00am. I was playing with my sparkly balls and I took it on her bed and ran all over the place, she opened her eyes and told me it was too early to get up and for me to go play in another room and she threw my ball on the floor. How dare she!

Mom got up at 10:00 and she got ready to go out. Her friend picked her up and they to a place where Seniors get free food, so she came back with a box of stuff. They go once a month!

Guess who gots the box??? me and Loki and we took turns jumping in and out of it. Such fun. I wonder why we cats like boxes so much! Who knows and who cares, right???

Mom had fun playing with me. She throws my balls and I fetch them and chase them around, then mom gets them and throws them back at me and we go again. i love it when mom wants to plays with me.

Mom has a bag of tiny pillows that come in yellow, pink, orange and green, and they are soft...they are much fun to bat around. I reach in the bag and grab a few and bat 'em around he house. {Mom said they are called mini marshmallows} she puts em in hot cocoa.

Hope you aren't gonna get any of that storm coming. They said it will start snowing here tomorrow and last through Thursday and we could 3-4" of it, and further north could get up to 8".

Have a pawsome afternoon!!
Grey Tuesday!
Posted February 18, 2020 by FIGARO

it's been rather chilly and grey today. The sun tried to come out and made it for awhile. The sky is clearing up now and the sun is shining but doesn't seem really bright. Kinda hazy.

Mom went to the store for some stuff and stopped at PSP and got us 24 cans of Purina Pro-Plan cat food. Then she ordered a 24 can case of FF from Walmart and it is coming tomorrow. she feed 4 cats a can a day, so we go through the food. Kali never eats canned, just dry.

It's been noisy here. The landlord has workers working downstairs and it interferes with our naps. hard to sleep with construction and tearing things up noises.

I will see you all back here next TUESDAY. Enjoy the rest of your week!

I went to the Vet!
Posted February 11, 2020 by FIGARO
Yippee!!! I am back home from the vet! I had an excellent exam. Everything is normal...no worms, no fleas, no ear mites...even my teeth are in great shape. I weigh 11 pounds even.

Dr herzog called me a gorgeous cat and told me i landed in a wonderful home where i get well taken care of. How sweet of him to say that about momma~

i got 2 shots. 1 3 year rabies and 1 distemper. All is good. No more vet unless i get sick. Well, i got in for another exam next feb.

It is cold outside so mom covered the stroller with a blanket to keep me warm. It was windy so the blanket kept blowing, but it didn't blow off the stroller.

The "Bowls" were pawsome
Posted February 4, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

How many of you watched the "Cat & Kitten Bowls". They were both very good, but the Kitten Bowl had more energetic players.

I loved it. I sat on the table where the TV is and was watching the kittens play. I was also pawing at the TV, but mom took me off the table cause her TV has a soft screen and she didn't want my claws to rip it...if we even could. What do you think would happen if that happened..do you think all the kitties would fall on our floor.??

It is gonna get real cold here. We have been spoiled with temps in the 40's and upper 50's. but the next 6 days they will just be in the mid 20's to low 30's. A possibility of a small amount of snow is predicted for FRI.

Mom has to call and make an appt for me to go to the V-E-T. I have been here for one year on March 13th. Actually she came to see me and chose me to be hers on 2/5. The day she was supposed to bring me home, the shelter cat room had an outbreak of URI, so I had to remain in Vet care til I was 100% better to go home. I had to stay an extra month, but mom never gave up on me, so here I am!~

I am playing chase tag with Loki, so I have to go as he is hiding{or thinks he is} behind the couch and waiting to pounce on me, but I will pounce on him 1st.

I am here and back
Posted January 28, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

I is back. Me and my fursibbies have returned to our friends. It was not us that was sick and stayed away, it was our human mommie, she was very sick and couldn't sit long enough to hang with us.

She is all better now and we made her better. We snuggled with her and kept her warm, we made sure she ate, even though she couldn't hold it down....we slept with her and made her un-sick. Mom was home with us for a week. NO WORK.

Today she went out to lunch with a friend of hers and came back with groceries, too. They had lunch at a place called KFC. Being a cat, I am not very sure what that means, but as long as mom liked it, that is good.

We got food. Mom ordered some canned stuff from Amazon and it came before she left. It is pro-Plan life stages Turkey and chicken and salmon flavors.....mom likes ordering our food from Petco, Walmart or Amazon now so she doesn't have to lug it home on busses. Sometimes she goes to PSP up the street and brings it home.

Well, this little guy is getting sleepy and needs his mid afternoon kitty nap, so I will see you back here next week! A nice long nap will energize me for more playtime with Loki.

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