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Posted June 4, 2019 by FIGARO

We had a nice day and it got to 81*. It was windy too. Mom went out to the store and bought some stuff and went to lunch with a friend to a place Called "Cracker Barrel", she had the country style chicken dinner.

When she got home she opened the back door and allowed us all to go outside. me and Loki went out. he was first, then i followed, Benny came out too, but the girls stayed inside. It is fun and scary being outside. So many interesting things to see and smell, I got to go in the kitty tent and play with the toys mom has in it, I dug in the dirt{no flowers planted downstairs} well, there are now, but not where I was digging.

Mom chased me around the yard when she wanted to bring us in. it's funny, cause at first I did not even want to venture outside til I saw Loki having fun, then I followed him. Now mom can't get me inside. I do go in eventually, but it is fun making mom chase me.

I am tired now from being chased so i am gonna go to sleep!

Tags: Outdoors
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Kibbles wrote at June 5, 2019
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Hope mom enjoyed Cracker Barrell.
Glady you all gots to go outside, and that you enjoyed it. Has a great day and enjoy