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Posted March 16, 2019 by FIGARO
I sure love it here at my new home. I have bonded with my big brother Loki. The older 3 kitties don't especially care for me trying to play with them. they don't harm me or anything, they just ignore me. Kali growls at me sometimes, but nobody hisses or anything. Maybe they understand how it feels to be the "Mew Cat on the block".

This place is pawsome. I have lots of new toys mom bought just for me, and my very own bed and bowls and kitten food. I am one very lucky kitten to have had found this pawsome place.

The day Linda walked into the shelter and chose me was a special day indeed, with other cats to choose from, and my sister, too, she chose me. ME!!! I am lucky beyond meows.

I love to play chase with Loki. he is fun to play with. We jump here and there and we play with the toys, throwing them all over and chasing them, we even nap together. {see new pic}.

Hope I make lots of mew friends here!!!

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Ayla wrote at March 17, 2019
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So glad you're enjoying your pawsome forever home!
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