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Posted May 28, 2019 by FIGARO
​Good evening

I hads a nice day. Mom went outside and Kelsee and Loki went with her. She left the back door open and Benny went out for about an hour and came back in. I went out and in and out and in. I am a bit skittish being outside, loud noises scare me, but I ventured out on the porch and mom was watching me like a hawk. She didn't want me jumping on the railing and trying to go across the way to the roof next door.

It was 80* today and we had lots of sun. It was windy to. Mom went out in the yard with Benny & Kelsee...Loki followed her. It was kinda fun to go outside but still kinda scary too. I guess I will get used to it
We had a nice memorial day yesterday. Mom BBQ'd chicken and gave some to us. Her 1st BBQ of the year. She said it as good. I know the chicken was. It was 76* yesterday and partly sunny.

Our neighbor cat George came outside and he went down to the yard yesterday, too. he seems like a purrty neat kitty. He is big and orange. I don't think he likes Ben though cause they were growling at each other, but he did not growl at me.

I hope you all has a good evening!
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