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Posted February 16, 2021 by FIGARO

Wow, did we ever get hit with snow. We go from 2" to almost 8" overnight. Mom posted a picture on my page. She tried to put what it was, but only the picture posted. That is the scene from our back porch.

It is bone chillin cold too. Only 13* outside. Me and Loki were sitting in the window watching the birds on the back porch. That was fun. I guess they were looking for food. Mom sees all the little birdie tracks all over the porch.

Mom has to go outside to sweep the snow off her Satellite dish so she can watch TV later. It is full of snow. The signal gets lost with all that snow on the dish. Mom would like a dish heater for the snowy days.

We are all in the house enjoying the warm comfy apt. I have my sparkle balls to entertain me, while Loki has his furry mice and Kelsee and Benny are napping, {mom said that is what S
'senior' cats do}.

Enjoy your day!
Warm pawhuggz!
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