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I am here and back
Posted January 28, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

I is back. Me and my fursibbies have returned to our friends. It was not us that was sick and stayed away, it was our human mommie, she was very sick and couldn't sit long enough to hang with us.

She is all better now and we made her better. We snuggled with her and kept her warm, we made sure she ate, even though she couldn't hold it down....we slept with her and made her un-sick. Mom was home with us for a week. NO WORK.

Today she went out to lunch with a friend of hers and came back with groceries, too. They had lunch at a place called KFC. Being a cat, I am not very sure what that means, but as long as mom liked it, that is good.

We got food. Mom ordered some canned stuff from Amazon and it came before she left. It is pro-Plan life stages Turkey and chicken and salmon flavors.....mom likes ordering our food from Petco, Walmart or Amazon now so she doesn't have to lug it home on busses. Sometimes she goes to PSP up the street and brings it home.

Well, this little guy is getting sleepy and needs his mid afternoon kitty nap, so I will see you back here next week! A nice long nap will energize me for more playtime with Loki.

Weather took a nose dive.
Posted January 14, 2020 by FIGARO

Today was supposed to be near 50* with a lot of sunshine. HA! it was grey and cloudy all day and only made it to 42*. They said flurries for tomorrow. This is the first January in a while mom said was snow-free, but then again we are only 1/3 way through it.

Mom went to Walmart today. She us a 12 can pack of Savory centers cause we like those. She got us a canister of treats, Loki gots a new place-mat for his bowls and we got a new toy..big like a kickeroo.

Mom got a T-shirt that says "Allergic to humans" on it with a grey cat in the middle. She also got some of her OTC pills she keeps on paw, and a new outfit, and a rooster kitchen towel set.

When mom woke up today guess who was snuggled under her quilt right next to her? Give up??? It was me! Loki was on her pillow, Kali was at the bottom corner and Kelsee was on her other side. Ben was already up.

Have a great evening!
We gots new litter
Posted January 7, 2020 by FIGARO

The UPS man bought us a 30# bucket of litter today. it is called "So Phresh". Mom lugged it up the steps and put it away til she cleans the boxes again.

After it came, mom went to PSP and got us 16 cans of food. She got us 2 can of Fancy Feast Savory centers and 2 can's of FF Creamy delights, then a 12 pack box of chicken and turkey with veggies.

Mom says we are spoiled, do you believe that??? just cause we like the better quality food?? Mom has tried some stuff like 9-Lives and Friskies...they are OK, but we like the other stuff better. Dry food doesn't matter, it seems we are not so fussy about that.

Today it is 45* and sunny, and it is supposed to stay in the 40's. The guy on the TV said we are gonna have a warmer then normal Winter with little to no snow accumulation. Mom is OK with that~

I had me some turkey for lunch. mom made her a sandwich with Sliced deli turkey and she gave me and Loki a slice. Yummy!~

Have a nice day~
Happy Mew Years
Posted December 31, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today is the last day of 2019. This year I found my 'forever' family when Linda came to the MAC shelter and chose ME to be her cat. Of course as many of you know I was sick with an infection that one of the other cats bought in the kitty room.

I had to wait 3 weeks before I could actually go home to my new family. But I made it and have been the purrfect picture of health ever since. No more infections or anything.

I am happy and have a great family now. NO more cages in a shelter for this kitty! Nope!

Today it is cold. 30* and we had now earlier today, but it has stopped for now, only a minor dusting out there, but it is still very cold. We are not used to this, as we have been in the 50's for a few weeks.

I hope you all have a HAPPY & SAFE NEW YEAR!
Merry Christmas
Posted December 24, 2019 by FIGARO
Happy Christmas Eve

Today it is cold outside, just 34* and cloudy. Dreary day! Mom has been in and out a few times...she is doing laundry and dumping trash, etc.

This morning mom gave us our Cosmic catnip toys. She knew if she put them in our stockings they would be destroyed and she would have to buy new stockings next Christmas, so she kept the toys in a safe place til today~We love them

Our stockings are still filled with other stuff, so we will still have a nice Christmas. This is my 1st Christmas out of the shelter and Loki's 1st Christmas here with mom.

Mom's best friend is here today and mom invited her to dinner. Both of them have other plans for tomorrow. I guess us 5 kitties will be alone the majority of the day~

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