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Rainy day
Posted April 7, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today we have a rainy day. It was even thundering and I saw lightening. It is only 49*. Tomorrow it is supposed to be dry and 66* with some sun, so mom will go outside on the back porch.

This morning I hopped in bed with mom and got under the blankets with her. i love snuggling next to her under the covers, but when she rolled over she also discovered I had my sparkle ball in bed with me..she called me a silly boy.

I had a bite of tuna for lunch today. Mom had a tuna sandwich and shared with me, Kelsee & Loki. She says she doesn't know why she bothers to eat cause she knows she will have to share, but she doesn't mind...she loves us.

Have a pawsome afternoon.
Another month or so
Posted March 31, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon.

Mom spent the morning deleting her old debit card and adding her new debit to Amazon, Petco, and all other stores she shops at online. Her other one got compromised and she had to get a new one.

Today it is cloudy again, but not windy, and it is only 40*. What happened to Spring? Who took it away??? I want mom to open windows, but she keeps telling me, "Figaro it is too cold". Oh what is a cat to do.

I watched mom get on her hands and knees with a flashlight and back scratcher and reach under all the furniture for all my sparkle balls. Now my box is full again!

Mom went on Chewy and ordered us cat food. Her friend sent her a chewy ecard, so she spent that. She did bit have to pay for anything. Not too sure when it will arrive, but she ordered it.

Have a great day and stay safe!
Twilight Zone
Posted March 24, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Mom said it feels like we live in the TWILIGHT ZONE. What is that? I never heard of it.

It is so quiet here mom can hear our purrs from across the room. No traffic, no one outside...I do see squirrels and birds though. I saw one man riding his bike.

Everything around here is closed except the Vet and the Car repair garage across the street. I guess if essential workers cars get broke down, they need them repaired.

The Mediterranean diner down the street is closed and they are not even doing carry out, curbside pickup or carryout...a big sign on the door says "CLOSED TIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO THE C-19 OUTBREAK"

Me and Loki have been playing today, we are playing chase and running mom's feet. It's too funny. We are also chasing mice and sparkle balls around the house. Mom has to fetch some for us as they are under furniture we can't reach.

Today we are celebrating Kelsee's 17th birthday. Mom has a coupon for a free toy for her, but it has to wait til mom goes to PSP. Toy? For her, she doesn't play with the ones we have. Oh meow!

Have a pawsome day and stay safe!

The Lokester!
Our neighbor in hospital
Posted March 3, 2020 by FIGARO

This morning when mom got up, her neighbor called her and asked her to watch his cats cause he was going to the hospital. He woke up not feeling good, he was dizzy, sweating and disoriented and in a lot of pain.

he left keys for,mom to feed his 2 kitties. You all know George{he is on the site}. mom helps Charlie care for him. But now mom is in charge of George and Woody{George's brother}.

Charlie{Their dad} will call mom and let her know when he will be coming home. he is nervous and hopes he doesn't have that Corona Virus....mom thinks just the flu.

Anyway. I got to see George today. Woody was hiding behind the couch. he is a bit shy, but he knows mom, so I don't know why he is hiding.

Have a good day!
I woke mom up
Posted February 25, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon!

This morning I woke mom up at 8:00am. I was playing with my sparkly balls and I took it on her bed and ran all over the place, she opened her eyes and told me it was too early to get up and for me to go play in another room and she threw my ball on the floor. How dare she!

Mom got up at 10:00 and she got ready to go out. Her friend picked her up and they to a place where Seniors get free food, so she came back with a box of stuff. They go once a month!

Guess who gots the box??? me and Loki and we took turns jumping in and out of it. Such fun. I wonder why we cats like boxes so much! Who knows and who cares, right???

Mom had fun playing with me. She throws my balls and I fetch them and chase them around, then mom gets them and throws them back at me and we go again. i love it when mom wants to plays with me.

Mom has a bag of tiny pillows that come in yellow, pink, orange and green, and they are soft...they are much fun to bat around. I reach in the bag and grab a few and bat 'em around he house. {Mom said they are called mini marshmallows} she puts em in hot cocoa.

Hope you aren't gonna get any of that storm coming. They said it will start snowing here tomorrow and last through Thursday and we could 3-4" of it, and further north could get up to 8".

Have a pawsome afternoon!!
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