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Being Rowdy!
Posted December 22, 2020 by FIGARO

I have been a rowdy boy lately. I have a lot of pent up energy so I run and play and have fun. I jump on the china cabinet and hide from the others sometimes. I chase Kelsee and play with Benny and play chase with Loki. We are especially rowdy after mom doles out the catnip.

Our weather is good. Partly sunny today but kinda rainy as well. It hasn't rained since last night, but it looks like it might as the sun is having a hard time staying out. The clouds are taking over.

Mom will not let me open my gifties. My stocking is full of stuff, but I keep pulling at Benny's....mom sez to me, "Figs, that is not yours, and you can have yours on Christmas". Hey I can't rad, so how do I know which one is mine?

Meowy catmas!
Mom has been tweeking
Posted December 8, 2020 by FIGARO

OK, now that our place is all decorated up, mom keeps 'tweeking' it. {Her word, not mine}. She moves things here and there and rearranges what has been done. Why can't mom be satisfied?

I was helping her and she kept yelling at me to NO stop that! Why can't I help? Do I not like to help, but of course I do. I was chasing strings of lights and garland around and getting yelled at. I did find a neat new holiday toy, it is a small wood ornament and fun to play with. Mom said I could keep it. YAY!

We still have no snow here and none in the forecast for this week either. No rain either. It will be near 40 today and tomorrow and Thursday will be 47-49*. Nice weather.

Yesterday for the 1st time in quite awhile I saw a squirrel. He was sitting on the back porch railing trying to look see in, but mom has our curtains closed and the back door shut. She gave him crackers and he went along his merry way!

Have a safe evening!
The bored Figaro
Posted November 24, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Last night I was a bored kitty. Mom was in bed, so I jumped in with her, snuggled up, then got up and walked around meowing really loud. I was restless and bored and awake at 2am and wanted to play, but unfortunately for me, my brother Loki was sound asleep. I wanted to play so I took a sparkle ball in the bedroom and put it on the bed with mom hoping she would play with me. Um...she told me she trying to sleep and to play by myself.

I guess human's just don't understand that us cats can get bored as well. What is a cat to do when he is bored at 2am? I tried to wake up Loki, but he pawsmacked me for my efforts. I ended up getting back in bed with mom and Kelsee and going to sleep.

Today it is a rather chilly day here. Only 42*, cloudy and about an hour ago they said rain was coming, but still no sign of rain. Just a grey dreary day.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Cat
Posted November 11, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today I am a happy kitty. I woke up with mom in her bed, then she gave us fresh kibble and cold water.

Yesterday we made mom get all our toys from under the furniture we couldn't get. There were lots of fuzzy meeces and sparkle balls. Now my box of sparkies is full again. Loki is thrilled to have more fuzzy meece to play with.

Boy, did our weather ever turn. for the past few weeks it has been in the 70's or mid 60's and today it is only 54*...yesterday was 76*. We had rain overnight and lots of wind, it was fun watching leaves blow everywhere. Woke up this morning to a cold house...mom did not shut the windows all the way down last night, so we were all shivering in our fur. Heat is not on as yet! Windows are shut tight.

Naptime..gotta get my rest so I can play again later!
Today is Toosday
Posted November 3, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Our postal carrier came early today and he had a big box of mail for mom, we did not have deliveries for the past 3 days and there was a lot of it for mom to go through. I jumped in the box {will be going back to the mailman tomorrow} and mom caught me on the camera.

I think today is a nice day. Sunny and mild. Highs in the 50's. Starting tomorrow we will be in the mid 60's all weekend....no rain in the forecast either. Sounds good before the cold actually sets in.

Last night Loki had mom scared. She had to take some trash out and went out the back door, but she did close it, but the wind blew it open and me and Loki both went out on the back porch...we came back in when mom came upstairs....but later before she went to bed, she could not find Loki anywhere, he was hiding and he usually sleeps with mom every night...no Loki til this morning when he decided to come out from wherever he was.

Have a pawsome week!
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