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Our July heatwave
Posted July 7, 2020 by FIGARO

we are having a heat wave here. Been in the 90's for 5 days now and they will continue through the week. Today was 96* and tomorrow will be the same.

We did not even get to go outside in our tent today cause mom went out. She went to lunch and to shopping for plants. Some of her houseplants passed away and wilted, so she got more.

She came home and complained about lunch. Culver's was only open for Drive thru and mom was on foot, Wendy's..carry out only, Cracker Barrel was open but the line was very very long and they were telling people it would be over an hour wait.

Mom was not about to wait for an hour to eat so she left and she ended up picking up some fried chicken at Meijer along with Mac & Cheese...she bought some of the chicken home for us..yummy.

We had a pouring down rain earlier{about 7PM} and it came down hard and heavy with thunder and lightening. It finally stopped raining, but the thunder stayed awhile, it is a tad cooler now.

Have a pawsome evening!
We are back...sorta anyway,
Posted June 23, 2020 by FIGARO
Hi all

Sorry we have been away, but mom lost her job and she is very sad, and depressed and she didn't want to come to kitty sites being all unhappy.

She is putting her resume up on INDEED and hopefully something will come of it. There must be other diners in the vicinity that need dishwashers part-time.

Mom is running low on money and has the 5 of us to feed and keep clean and buy litter for. She also needs to pay rent, so she really needs a job.

Us cats are trying to help mom be happy by pulling our antics. Sometimes she laughs and sometimes she yells at us to 'be good'.

It's been hot and humid here and we have been in the 90's, but this week we had a rain storm and it cooled things off. Today is only 75* and quite windy, we were outside in our tent and had fun for awhile.

It is nap-time now so we are all back in the house and we found our fave spots to lay down and sleep...it got too windy outside for mom.

Have a nice day!
Windy & Hot
Posted June 9, 2020 by FIGARO
Good evening

mom put up our tent on the back porch and is keeping it up for us all summer so if we want we can go out everyday now. She doesn't even have to be outside to watch us cause we are safe on the back porch. Not a lot of room for mom to walk, but she doesn't need to walk as long as she can get around us.

Today was nice. Breezy, sunny and hot. Mom went grocery shopping and was gone an hour and as purromised she let us go out when she came home, so we spent the afternoon in the tent.

Mom came outside after she put the groceries away. It was hot{94*} but because the wind was blowing so hard, there was big winds and it didn't seem so hot. Mom finished reading her latest book, "the institute" by stephen king {mom's fave author}.

I hope you all had a pawsome day too ,and got to do whatever it is you all like to do..

Woke up to snow
Posted May 8, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today is a funny day. We woke up to snow...in MAY!!! it was 35*, now it is 41*. Too cold for May and mom has her heat on again.

We are all just as mom said 'chillaxin'. today. Mom is in her PJS watching TV, and us cats are all napping in our fave spots.

Our Governor just extended our stay-at-home order til May 28th. People are angry cause it interferes with Memorial Day plans. Most parks are still closed anyway.

Mom never has plans cause she works anyway on memorial day when the diner is open. She BBQ's on the back porch.

Our squirrel, Cashew came by today looking for food, but it was too cold today or mom to take it outside, but he sat and watched and waited....he eventually went bye bye.

Stay safe
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all your moms.
2 good days, now cold is back
Posted May 5, 2020 by FIGARO

We had 2 nice days over the weekend and now the cold is back. Sat was 65* and Sunday was 73*, both days were sunny, but kinda windy...mom was able to go on the porch and get some things up, but now the rest has got to wait.

Today it is just 41*...this is MAY...where is the warm stuff...it is gonna be chilly all week, too with some rain popping in.

We have fun in the house though. Mom throws toys and we chase them, then she brings out the laser light so we can chase the red dot, then she will pull our string toys around and we chase those, too. Great exercise for mom and us.

Mom said she wishes our sleep habits would rub off on her or she wishes she as a cat...she has not slept in a week now. She might get an hour here and there, but she is up all night...We are all waiting for mom to just drop from exhaustion.

Anyway, have a great week.

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