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Gots hit with snow
Posted February 16, 2021 by FIGARO

Wow, did we ever get hit with snow. We go from 2" to almost 8" overnight. Mom posted a picture on my page. She tried to put what it was, but only the picture posted. That is the scene from our back porch.

It is bone chillin cold too. Only 13* outside. Me and Loki were sitting in the window watching the birds on the back porch. That was fun. I guess they were looking for food. Mom sees all the little birdie tracks all over the porch.

Mom has to go outside to sweep the snow off her Satellite dish so she can watch TV later. It is full of snow. The signal gets lost with all that snow on the dish. Mom would like a dish heater for the snowy days.

We are all in the house enjoying the warm comfy apt. I have my sparkle balls to entertain me, while Loki has his furry mice and Kelsee and Benny are napping, {mom said that is what S
'senior' cats do}.

Enjoy your day!
Warm pawhuggz!
Mild Winter
Posted February 9, 2021 by FIGARO

So far this Winter has been very good to us as far as snow goes. We have gotten 1-2" here and there. We have not been hit like other places have. It's been cold enough. Today it is 14*, but the sun is out and the skies are blue. No wind to blow around either.

I had my Vet appt. I did very well. My vet told me I was the most purrfect patient he had all day. I weigh 12 pounds, my eyes, ears and teeth are all normal, my heartbeat is great. I even had my nails trimmed and sat there like a good boy, then I got my distemper vaccine.

Mom went back to work, so we miss her on the days she is gone. We are used to her being home with us and now she is gone 3 days a week. But we make up missing her when she gets home, I follow her around meowing til she pets me and Loki jumps on the table and rubs his head all over her...we sure are happy when she comes home.

have a pawsome week
Happy Valentines Day!
Mischief maker me
Posted February 2, 2021 by FIGARO
I get into trouble a lot. I love jumping up high to top places. I really enjoy antagonizing my big sister Kelsee. She hisses and pawsmacks me. I get into trouble knocking trash baskets over. {Hey you can find some stuff in them to play with}.

It is cold today. only 24*, it is supposed to warm up gradually throughout the week. 36* for Thursday when mom goes back to work. She said that is purrfect for her to walk.

We can't wait to go outside in our pen again. I have been meowing at the back door to go out. Mom says it is too cold right now and I believe her. I get antsy staying in the house 24/7.

Have a pawsome week!
Being Rowdy!
Posted December 22, 2020 by FIGARO

I have been a rowdy boy lately. I have a lot of pent up energy so I run and play and have fun. I jump on the china cabinet and hide from the others sometimes. I chase Kelsee and play with Benny and play chase with Loki. We are especially rowdy after mom doles out the catnip.

Our weather is good. Partly sunny today but kinda rainy as well. It hasn't rained since last night, but it looks like it might as the sun is having a hard time staying out. The clouds are taking over.

Mom will not let me open my gifties. My stocking is full of stuff, but I keep pulling at Benny's....mom sez to me, "Figs, that is not yours, and you can have yours on Christmas". Hey I can't rad, so how do I know which one is mine?

Meowy catmas!
Mom has been tweeking
Posted December 8, 2020 by FIGARO

OK, now that our place is all decorated up, mom keeps 'tweeking' it. {Her word, not mine}. She moves things here and there and rearranges what has been done. Why can't mom be satisfied?

I was helping her and she kept yelling at me to NO stop that! Why can't I help? Do I not like to help, but of course I do. I was chasing strings of lights and garland around and getting yelled at. I did find a neat new holiday toy, it is a small wood ornament and fun to play with. Mom said I could keep it. YAY!

We still have no snow here and none in the forecast for this week either. No rain either. It will be near 40 today and tomorrow and Thursday will be 47-49*. Nice weather.

Yesterday for the 1st time in quite awhile I saw a squirrel. He was sitting on the back porch railing trying to look see in, but mom has our curtains closed and the back door shut. She gave him crackers and he went along his merry way!

Have a safe evening!
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