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Chilly November
Posted November 5, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening

November is starting out very chilly. Our lows later in the week will be in the 20's with highs in the 30's. Burr!

Today was 44* and kinda windy with a little sun, but mostly clouds. It sure gets dark early, too.

Today my big brother Benny had to go to the Vet for his yearly exam and distemper vaccine. He lost 2 pounds over the Summer. he was 16.5, now he is 14.5, from all the running around and playing chase. I don't have to go til Feb.

Mom did a lot of laundry today. Wow, the basket was over loaded with clothes and towels. I tried to help her fold them, but she kept telling me she had it covered. Ummm! i guess our mom's don't appreciate our help!

I hope you all stay warm and have a pawsome week.
Very windy today!
Posted October 22, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening

it is very windy today. Gusts up to 40 mph. We are having light rain, too. NO Sunny skies here. We all had to stay inside.

Mom is getting her bathroom ceiling fixed. They are knocking down the old one to replace it with a new one. Still have work to do, but tomorrow mom will not be home, she is going to the Cider Mill with her sister.

I think us kitties will sneak in the back seat and go along. Sounds fun. I like donuts. Not too sure about Cider. I think they are stopping at Mickey D's for lunch too. I do like burgers.

Loki is going to the V-E-T. better him then me. he has a red eye and it is leaking tears. His appt is at 6:30. Mom tries to put warm compresses on it but he fights her and leaps from her arms and runs and hides for a bit.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening.
Stay warm!~
Chillier days are here
Posted October 15, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon!

Autumn is definitely here. It's only been in the 60's and real chilly at night. Last night we dropped to 37*, {burrr} all of us kitties were trying to share mom's bed with her. Most of us found a nice spot, but Ben got pushed off by Loki. Loki hates Ben...not too sure why, maybe it's cause he is older and a lot bigger and Loki is trying to show him even though he is small, he can be 'mighty'.

Mom went grocery shopping today and came home with a ton of bags, but nothing for us cause cat food is very expensive at that super market, so mom gets it at a cheaper store. She was gone for an hour.

Mom did all our pages for Halloween...well, she is still working on some. She also did her computers in the same theme. Her desktop has a haunted castle screensaver and it has spooky sounds too.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening.
Stay warm and cozy!
Hot one today!
Posted October 1, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

We have a hot Autumn day today. 85* and 65% humidity. Gonna be stormy later with lots of rain and wind. Supposed to cool down by FRI when it will be just 59*.

We wanted to go outside and we sat by the back door and begged to no avail. Mom kept saying "NO FIGS". I was beginning to think my 1st name was "NO". Eventually I gave up and Kelsee sat by the door meowing...same answer..."NO KELS". Ummm....Loki almost escaped but mom caught him just on time. NO FAIR!!

We all decided seeing as how we are stuck inside cause it is too hot outside{what?} too hot??? Anyway, we all decided to find a cool place and take a nap.

Have a nice and pawsome evening!
NEW cosmic catnip toys!
Posted September 24, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening.

Another fine day, 77* for a high, but today it was a lot less windy then yesterday. we enjoyed being outside.

Mom went to PSP today after she cashed her check and she got Kali some water-less shampoo and got me and Loki each a new Cosmic catnip toy. She got a banana and a carrot with green feathers on it...we trade up and play with them both. The other kitties have a red pepper, banana and also a carrot, but they are getting worn, so mom said she will get them new ones for Christmas.

Our new Christmas stockings came today. Mom ordered them from Zulily, and had them purrsonalized with our names. Just me & Loki got them as the other kitties have theirs already and we will be spending our very 1st Christmas here with our new family.

We tried new dinner tonight. Thad "Fancy Feast medley's" on sale at Kroger for $9.00 for 12 cans in a variety pack box. Oh boy, they are delicious. We got Tuna Florentine, Turkey Florentine and Chicken Florentine. Best FF ever!

Have a pawsome night!
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