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None to mention.
I like food. I like cuddling my sister Tiffany Tiara. I basically like about anything good.
Cativity Feeds Update

Dale S Eggers
We are very sorry you had to make your journey to the rainbow Bridge, Charlie Clarence.
Fly free handsome Angel.
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 February 24, 2016 - Comment - Like  
Chester  - February 25, 2016 
Fly Free Sweet Charlie Clarence with your beautiful Angel Wings.. & now you can watch over all your loved ones from Kitty Heaven...♥♥
Bugsy  - February 25, 2016 
We are sending many purrs to you and your family charlie.
Dharma  - February 26, 2016 
Oh nooooooz! I guess da bridge place iz nice but we sure wish yoo could have stayed wif us a long while longer Charlie Clarence! It's so sad losing ar furriends here...blessings to yer pawrents 'n' I hope deyz ar going to feel happier soon too!
Love from me 'n' Darius, Spencer, Trey, Milo 'n' Murray. ='{
Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo  - March 3, 2016 
Oh no. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I know u will be dearly missed. Sending all our love and Prayers Neekah Boo & Ali
Mac  - March 3, 2016 
I'm so sorry that you had to make your journey Charlie Clarence. Sending purrs to your family.