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Elizabeth Harney
My Valleytines Day
Posted February 16, 2014 by Elizabeth Harney
On Valleytines day I go down to earf and visit my Unkie Caspie. Him gived me some tuna and treats. But I no could eats much of da tuna cos earf food diffent den in heaven. But was yumyum! And den I come home and has nappies. Den Daddy gib me a special valleytines treat. Him dance wif me! I love dancies. Daddy furry good dancer. Cos him a count and dem gotta know how do stuffies like dat. wub
Elizabeth Harney
A purrem by Button
Posted January 25, 2014 by Elizabeth Harney
I has a garden, it purty as can be
Der are flowers call purrygolds and a barking doggiewood tree.
I has animal furrends of shape an size
Der a turkey, a leppydog, some deer and a fox
Der a mouse named Walter and him furrend Rumor Rabbit
Her can disappears and her make it a habit.
Gwennie da mouse is green as can be and her come from a planet we cants even see
Her is Walter's love and don't mew furgets it
Robbie da Gopher take care of da flowers. Him is robot wif gardening powers.
In da gazebo mew and sits and can swing
Da kitchen near by is stocked full of noms
And I play with my furrends and is lots and lots of fun.
But da best part of all is the part I tells last
Abouts all da butterflys, in colors so bright
And how da trees around us sing wif delight.
And dat is my garden and I hopes mew like cos mew is invited morning, noon or nights.

(C) Button 1-25-14
Elizabeth Harney
My computer pet
Posted January 23, 2014 by Elizabeth Harney
I has a pet. His name is Blue and hims a kitty. He live in game called Pet City. Him has a house and him can visits uders and I can decorates da house. Is os fun has my own pet. My sisfurs have one too as dos Grandmew. So we can visits each uder.

Elizabeth Harney
On Caturday, I hads my furst travelling adventure. I wents to a hockey game! Da San Jose Sharkies played da Boston Bruins (dat a kinda bear) and da Sharkies lost but only by one goal. I had da best time. I loves da Sharkies and so does my Meowmie and Grandmew. And Grandmew was born in Massachusetts and loves da Bruins too so was special fur me to see dem! I likes hockey lots. I likes dream bout riding da puck around on da ice. I hopes I has anudder adventure soon. Here I is wif Cindi da nice lady who took me to da game.
Elizabeth Harney
The Aquarium
Posted January 16, 2014 by Elizabeth Harney
Der is a place where fishes lib and peoples come to see dem and learns bout dem. I visit dis place wif Grandmew last week. Is called Aquarium. Da one in Monterey (claps because she spelled it right) is furry famous. We sees an octopus and starfishes and birdies. And der sharkies! And dem have toofers like razors some of dem. And den mew can go outside around da back and see da bay! And we seed seals and dolphins! Der a beach Grandmew love in Moss Landing, dat near where her live and last month I fly der wif her and see da animals in nature like. Pelicans (dem scoops fishes wif der beaks) and otter and jellies and seals and a bunny and lots of uder birdies. So da aquarium is where dem study how to helps and protect dem and peoples can learn. It's in a cannery. Dem use to can sardines der and now sardines liver der and no get hurt. Is funny. Dem also has sea turtles and big tunas! ( I no loud to eat dem) I is furry lucky kitty cos I is spirit kitty and can see des places and tells about dem.
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