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Soft Paws Coming My Way
Posted October 17, 2014 by Bailey
We have been furry destructive little kibbies it seems. Not Friday, though, he is a good boy.

Us girls have caused damage to some wood moldings around the bathroom and two other door entries. I have made a mess of the bathroom floor at the entrance to the bathroom.

Plain and simple, i love to scratch there.

Meowmy knows in all fairness its her fault entirely. As a responsible pet owner she has to get these damages fixed, the property manager told her this yesterday and he also said he is going to get it put in writing we have to get declawed or given away and Meowm is not doing any of that. instead we are going into the vets to have the Soft Paws put on us girls.

A kind furiend has started a fund fur us and that has touched our hearts deeply. this will go towards purchasing needed material and for our soft pas kits and if there is anything left over, for Friday to get some much needed medicated food.

We just cried when we saw donations starting to come in. Meowm is going to try to do as much of the work as she can. She has to fix the wood and maybe take out the bathroom floor, if not, hopefully we can just put flooring on top of the existing one. Meowm doesn't believe in declawing a kibbie. the first one, Buddy was declawed, but Meowmy adopted him that way and she always felt so bad for him.

She is going to take pictures of before and after as well as during the work, pictures of us kibbies wearing brightly colored clips on our toes and receipts too ~ she is doing all this to show this man how much she loves us and will do just about anything to keep us safe with her.
Posted July 20, 2014 by Bailey
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