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Posted December 26, 2018 by Benjamin
Hi everyone

We had a great Christmas(*). In the morning when mom got up, she had breakfast cause she was hungry. After she ate that, she gave us our stockings full of treats, toys and Fancy Feast food.

Mom got some nice things too. Then she went over to her sister's house to have dinner and see her family. She got to meet her Niece's boyfriends. One of them is really nice and the other is a total jerk and very rude and not nice to her Niece;(. her Niece can do so much better.

Mom went up to Family Dollar today and got a few Christmas items marked down. She will put them up next year. She's leaving them in boxes right now. Good sales up to 75% off right now on all Holiday items.

She actually went up to the store for just milk, paper towel, napkins and Pepsi and came back with soup, holiday items and ....no more.

It is warm today. We hit 46*. No (sun), but no snow either. Just grey and cloudy. It was trying to clear up, but never got there. But we are warm for December.

Have a pawsome evening!!!
Next up will be New Years!
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