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Posted February 12, 2020 by Benjamin
Hi all my friends

Today is gray and gloomy. My fur is grey, even though it is considered "Blue". Weird, huh???? So the day matches my fur.

Mom said it isn't too cold out though. It is 35*, but no sun, no wind and no snow. Just a grey and gloomy day.

Mom had to go out to pick up a few things she needed. She went to a place called "Dollar General". She came home with really furry mice toys for us. Loki grabbed his and ran off and Figs chased his around the house. I left mine on the top of the kitty tree.

Mom gave us all 'nip' before she left and some treats, too. Told us to be good cats and she would be home soon. She was only gone for a few hours.

Well, time for our kitty naps. We all take naps in the early evening to be awake for dinner and then more playtime.

Have a great evening!
Meows & Purrz!~
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