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Posted June 5, 2019 by Benjamin
Hi every kittyclap

Wow. Our rain finally came. They have been saying it was gonna rain all day, but the sun kept trying to come out. Now the rain is here and it is coming down.

The bread mom threw out to the birds is all wet but they don't care, they are still munching down on it, silly birds, eating in the rain. You wouldn't catch me eating my dinner out in the rain.

I was sleeping on mom's bed last night with her, Kelsee and Kali. That was fun. poor mom couldn't move and when she had to get up to 'go' she had to climb over me. I would not move either.

looks like the rain is coming to an end already, it slowed down and the sun is trying to make another appearance. Mom said we can't go out now cause everything is wet!

Have a pawsome afternoon!

Tags: Rainy
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