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Posted February 24, 2021 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Today it is warm at 47*, lots of bright sunny skies, but it is very windy out there. Mom was out sorting through her stuff so after it warms up good enough and stays warm, she can put her new back porch together again.

Mom wanted to hang her lights outside on the porch, but it is so windy she doesn't feel safe up on a ladder today. I can't blame her for that.

Us kitties wanted to go outside, but there is still a lot of snow melting on the porch and mom doesn't want us in it, besides with the wind, we don't really care for it anyway. Mom purromised us when mid April comes and it is nicer out and all the snow is gone, we can go out.

Mom will be working the next 4 days, so she won't be home with us til after 4:00, but we are used to that now, we just sleep til she she comes home and meet her at the door.

have a great afternoon!
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