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Posted March 27, 2019 by Benjamin
​Good afternoon

Well, at least we have a sunny day today. Supposed to be 50*, but right now it is just 42*. It is 2:30 so I am not too sure we will even see 50* at this point. The wind is calmer then yesterday.

Mom got a huge package in the mail today. It was a closet door. One of those vinyl folding doors. She installed it on her closet. There was no door on the closet and mom just had curtains over it, but Loki and Figgy kept climbing up her clothes and getting on the shelf and knocking down all her blankets. They will have to find a new place to sleep now.

It sure is a blast having a house of cats. I come from a home in OH where my former mom had 5 cats. I am one and the others were Angel Sam{he passed away a few years ago}, Riley, Percival & Sarah Jayne. Percival recently became an Angel as well. So I am rather used to having a house full of cats around.

We all take turns sleeping on mom's lap. Right now Kelsee is next to her waiting for her to put the laptop away, sometimes Figgy is there, or Loki and mostly it's me cause I jump up there when I see nobody else there. Nothing like a nice soft warm lap to nap on.
Have a nice day!

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