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Posted January 13, 2021 by Benjamin
Hi every kitty

What happened to you all??? I feel like I am all alone now. Come out and say 'hi' if you are still here.

We have a nice sunny day here in Hockeytown {Detroit} and it is 42*. Mom wanted to go out, but she has to wait for the FEDEX delivery guy to bring her package. So she will venture out tomorrow.

We watched our Governor Gretchen today and she said resturants and bars can reopen on FEB 1st. Limited capacity and groups no larger then 4 per table. Mom is Ok with that....she has 2 weeks left for her stay-at-home staycation.

Us kitties are also OK with that. It means we get mom for 2 more weeks. Of course she only works 3 days a week anyway, so we still have her after work and the other 4 days.

Momma ordered us a heated bed set from Chewy today. OH boy can't wait til it gets here...3-5 days. It is 2 large pads that are self heating when we lay on them.

Have a pawsome afternoon and don't forget to stop by and say hi and let me know you are still here.

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Daniel wrote at January 13, 2021
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