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Posted April 17, 2019 by Benjamin

I like to play hide and seek from Baby Figgy and Loki. Them 2 cats like to aggravate us older cats. So I pawsmack and hiss and run and hide under moms bed or under the bathtub. I only come out when mom calls me.

Today is yet another chilly day. Only 50*, cloudy with some sun and north winds, so it is chilly outside, but mom went out anyway to fill her planters with dirt so when she buys flowers her planters are ready.

Mom is almost done with her spring painting. her dining room is done, and she did her computer room and bedroom was done last year, next month she is redoing her kitchen. She only painted her bathroom once since she has been here and it still looks good, so she isn't doing that.

I hope you and your families have a pawsome Easter!

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