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Posted September 25, 2019 by Benjamin

We are into Autumn and our weather is showing it. We have been in the 70's is all. No humidity and it has been quite windy for 4 days now.

Today we stayed in the house cause the wind was 30 MPH and blowing lots of debris around the yard. Also a lot of bees were out on the porch and mom hates bees and doesn't want us chasing them.

Mom took some fans out of the house and stored them in our storage room til next Summer. She left the window fans up here though and her bedroom fan stays up here all year around cause she turns it on every night.

Loki chased me today. Mom fed us all our Fancy Feast dinner and I was tasting them all to see who had the best flavor, and I found one I liked and Loki chased me away from it. it wasn't even his, it was Fig's, and he was eating mine.

Til next week. Have a great evening!

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