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Posted December 11, 2019 by Benjamin
Hello all

Burrrrr is the word of the day. It is mighty cold outside today. Only got to a high of 25* {that's a high?} when mom went to bring up the mail, the cold blast of air was buuuuurrrrrrrrr.

I am happy we are all inside where it is warm and cozy and mom has the heat on. I sure feel sorry for any strays outside in this weather.

Mom helps me out a lot. This morning she even helped Kali. You see Loki likes to hide when he knows me or Kali are in the bathroom using the litterbox or drinking water from the sink..he will ambush us and chase us...well, mom sees him laying there ready to pounce, so she helps get me and Kali out of the sink and carries us to safety.

I myself prefer to drink from fresh water from the faucet. The water in our fountain is alright, but I like colder water, Kali and Figaro do too. In the colder months mom leaves the water running just a little stream for us.

Well I have went on long enough...don't want to bore you.

Have a pleasant night and sleep tight.
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