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Posted June 12, 2019 by Benjamin
After 2 nice days in a row of temps in the 70's and lot of sunshine, it is gonna change later tonight and rain and all day tomorrow. Poor mom has to walk to work in it and back home in it.

i stayed in today. the girls and young boys all went outside, but I decided I wanted to stay in and relax in the house. No reason, just because.

Mom got her package from Walmart today. In it was a big bag of Purina One Cat food. She said we have to finish our other kibble before she opens it though.

Guess what mom went and did. yesterday she cleaned the floors and just when we thought the noisy monster was put away, she takes out a smaller version and fills it with water and soap and turned it on...talk about hiding. we were all back under the bed. The carpets were damp for awhile, but they are dry now. They do look better.

Hope your evening was quieter!

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