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Too hot for comfort
Posted July 17, 2019 by Benjamin
good afternoon

Word of the day: MUGGY!

Today it is only 83* outside with partly sunny skies, but the humidity is 88%, so it is really sticky out there. Mom went to the store up the street and came back all wet.

Me?? You ask me what am I doing today??? Well, right now I have taken refuge under mom's bed where it is cool. She has her fan on low for us and all us kitties are in her room either on the bed or under it.

Mom is watching NGW on TV. It is all about Tigers. Our big cat relatives. I would like to go to Africa, India or anywhere they live and visit them as long as the purromised not to have me for lunch!

Well, I am gonna go back and get comfy under the bed. See you back here next WED.

Stay cool or try to!

Purrs & pawhugz!!!
Tags: The Muggies
hot week ahead
Posted July 11, 2019 by Benjamin
Hi all

mom saw the 7-day forecast on the news and it is gonna be hot and humid for the next 7 days with no rain. But that can change overnight if rain pops up somewhere, with all the heat and humidity storms are always popping up.

It is so hot I can't even sleep next to mom. It is so hot to have her legs next to me or my fur next to her. I lay in the window where I can catch a small breeze.

in the heat of the day i hide under the chair where it is cooler. I guess I am not really hiding cause mom always knows where to look for me. I think I might need to find a better hiding place.

Have a nice week ahead! Stay cool!
The Summer heat is still here
Posted July 3, 2019 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Meow, it is still hot and humid outside. The temp says 82, and the humidity is 68%, so it is rather sticky outside.

We had a downpour and a wind storm yesterday. Wow, rain was pounding down and winds were very high, knocked out power in a few counties around here, but not in our area.

All we did yesterday was lay in the house. Loki and Figaro were chasing "sky raisins" all day. they are so funny. Jumping over each other to catch them.

I hope you all have a fun 4th. Mom invited her best friend over after she gets home from work {she works til 2}. She is making burgers, dogs and baked beans. She told us if we were good she would make a burger for us and split it in pieces between us....OH BOY! I will be good!

Stay cool and HAPPY 4th of July!~~

The Heat Is On!!!
Posted June 26, 2019 by Benjamin

Boy did we ever get hot. we hit 87* today with a lot of sun. It was windy.

Mom went to Walmart and we all had to stay inside cause it was too hot for us be outside.

Mom came home and planted her plant and flowers she bought at Walmart and then she went outside on the porch.

We are having another hot day tomorrow reaching about 86* and sunny! mom has to work so we can't go out anyway.

We are hoping to go out after she gets home cause she is gonna BBQ her dinner. Loki & Figs are really bummed cause they have to be in the house.

Roofers were here
Posted June 19, 2019 by Benjamin
Good evening

Wow, we had a noisy start to our day. At 9am the roofers showed up and were here til 5. They were throwing things on the ground, taking supplies up to the roof, pounding, banging and making lots of noise.

I was alright with it though. I am a big kitty and not afraid. I slept through it. Poor Loki and Figaro were scared though. Loki kept pacing and meowing at the ceiling. Figaro kept following mom all around all day meowing at her. The girls were hiding under the bed.

Mom stayed home with us all day and that was nice as she stayed inside too. So I climbed up on her lap and took a nap. i love laying on mom's lap.

it was a beautiful day today and would have been nice to go outside, but with gates open and men running everywhere, we had to stay in. It was 80* and sunny all day. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so the roofers will be back on FRI for more noise.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening.

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