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Quite nice today
Posted August 12, 2020 by Benjamin
Good evening

Today was a pawsome day. Only 85* and no humidity and a little breeze. Mom let us go outside for the 1st time in about a week. It was too hot when we were in the 90's.

I enjoy laying out on the back porch. I lay by the fence and look out at the birds and squirrels. Mom threw down some bread and stale donuts today and they all went crazy. The squirrel came and took 3 of the donuts all himself. {They were the mini type}. It was funny watching him take off with a donut in his mouth and climbing a pole, and he never even dropped the donut.

We are back in the house now as it is dark outside and there are lots of bugs out there. Mom hates getting bit by the skeeters, so she stays in at night. She does have spray with DEET in it, but she stays in anyway,

Have a pleasant evening!
BIG rains came
Posted July 29, 2020 by Benjamin
Hi all

We had a nice day today. We got to go outside and play. Mom on her swing doing crossword puzzles, us cats being lazy in the sun.

BUT....later in the day, when mom decided to BBQ her dinner, it started sprinkling really light, then got a little heavier, thunder came and the rain came harder and it got windy...the boys in the tent were going nuts, they were meowing for mom to get them out cause they were getting wet...they made a mad dash to the door and went inside.

Then is stopped and cleared up, but we had to stay inside cause all of moms furniture was too went to sit on. We had dinner and took a nap.

It is way too HOT!!!!
Posted July 9, 2020 by Benjamin

We are having a heat wave which will last all week and into next week. Bad! temps in mid 90's and the humidity doesn't help matters any. We kitties have to stay inside the house and hie in cool spots. We sleep most of the day away.

I have a goofy brother. Mom puts ice cubes in our water to keep it cold and Figaro bats them around and gets water all over the floor. Silly boy!!!

ow was your 4th??? Ours was good until nighttime when it got to be so noisy we all had to hide. The idiots were throwing ones that shook the who building, so loud they sounded like bombs exploding.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Stay Cool!!!
I am back
Posted July 1, 2020 by Benjamin
Hi every cat!!!

We are back. it's been awhile we know. But mom has been sad. She lost her job and has no money coming in except for her small SS check. When mom is sad she hates coming on to post cause she doesn't want anyone feeling bad or sorry for her. She is out of money and can't pay rent til she gets a new job and she doesn't know when that will be.
But we will try to be here more often. It is hot here, he hit 88 today and all weekend and into next week we will be in the upper 80's to the mid 90's and no rain til next weekend.
Hope you all have a furtastic 4th of July weekend!
Many meows!
Posted April 22, 2020 by Benjamin
Hello my friends

can you believe we have snow in our forecast? Yikes! Almost may and snow. They said up to 1/4" of an inch. Not much, but still.

Mi governor will be on tv at 3:00 with another news briefing about the state of mi and rather to extend he stay-at-home order longer. It is due to expire on 4/30 right now.

We are just being lazy cats today. We were hiding under moms bed cause she took out the dreaded noisy floor monster again. I hate that thing. It sucks up everything in it's path. Good thing mom's pick up our toys first!

Mr squirrel has not been around today. I think he is upset with mom cause it is too cold for her to go outside and leave food for him. She has some to give him, but she doesn't want to go outside today. It is just 35*.

Have a good day and stay safe!
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