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Blustery today
Posted January 20, 2021 by Benjamin

it's a cold one today. Only 23* outside and no sun to help warm things up. Snow flurries off and on. Mom went out to the bank and to Kroger. She took a bus.

She got her stimulus check and deposited it, then went to Kroger for milk and cinny buns. She will bake those tomorrow.

I was in moms room this morning looking out he window. I saw a squirrel on the porch. I did not see any birds though. I haven't seen them in awhile, but them squirrels are out.

My sister Kali is holding her own. She gets up and walks around, eats, drinks her water and then takes a nap. She looks so raggedy though and mom can't brush he cause she is so thin, but mom said she will try before she gets matted.

Have a nice afternoon.
My friends have left me
Posted January 13, 2021 by Benjamin
Hi every kitty

What happened to you all??? I feel like I am all alone now. Come out and say 'hi' if you are still here.

We have a nice sunny day here in Hockeytown {Detroit} and it is 42*. Mom wanted to go out, but she has to wait for the FEDEX delivery guy to bring her package. So she will venture out tomorrow.

We watched our Governor Gretchen today and she said resturants and bars can reopen on FEB 1st. Limited capacity and groups no larger then 4 per table. Mom is Ok with that....she has 2 weeks left for her stay-at-home staycation.

Us kitties are also OK with that. It means we get mom for 2 more weeks. Of course she only works 3 days a week anyway, so we still have her after work and the other 4 days.

Momma ordered us a heated bed set from Chewy today. OH boy can't wait til it gets here...3-5 days. It is 2 large pads that are self heating when we lay on them.

Have a pawsome afternoon and don't forget to stop by and say hi and let me know you are still here.

We have a rainy day
Posted December 30, 2020 by Benjamin

It is raining today. Gonna be 40*. Grey and cloudy and icky out there. Glad I am inside.

How was everyones Catmas??? Ours was good, we got lots of new toys and new treats. Mom got Fancy Feast appetizers and something called Delectables we have not had yet. The FF was tasty and delicious.

Now we need to get through NYE! Around here the goofies go outside and shoot off guns at midnight and they do it all night long. One good thing...no bars are open unless they have an outdoor area. So there won't be too many drunks on the road. I guess they can have house parties but the limit is for family only...I can just see people listening to that...right!!!

Our plans are to hang with mom who will be in her pj's and her best friend who is coming over....just gonna sit and watch TV as mom or her bestie do not drink at all, not even wine.

I hope you all have a pawsome NYE and stay safe

Mom is my savior/protector
Posted December 23, 2020 by Benjamin


My mom is my savior and protector. You see even though I am a big boy at 16 pounds, I am not a fighter and never was. I am laid back and gentle.

Loki at 12 pounds is a bully who picks on me and & Kelsee and sometimes Kali all the time. He waits behind things ready to pounce and he thinks mom doesn't know what he is doing.

Well, me and Kali like to drink water out of the bathroom sink, so mom got a bowl and she fills with with cold water and leaves it on sink ledge, and fills it up when it is empty. If Loki knows ne of us is in the sink, he will hide around the corner and wait for us.....he always gets Kali if mom doesn't see him and chases her under the bed. But I usually know when he is there {I can smell him} and wait in the sink for mom to come and save me. She picks me up and carries me back to he dining room and puts me down. Loki has this strange look on his face.

I am not a chicken, I just hate fighting, I see no sense in it seeing as we all share this wonderful home with mom and each other.

I lay with mom on the couch too and Loki tries to sneak up on me so he can pawsmack me, he sees mom and backs off, he knows she will yell at him if he tries anything.

Well, on that note, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all get what you want.

Meowy Catmas!
The jealous brother!
Posted December 9, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Today is overcast and very windy! Mom was gonna head out today but she did not sleep well last night and she is not "all there". She said it would be her luck{mot} to be hot by a car crossing the street cause her mind is not functioning right. Poor mom! She is going out tomorrow instead,

My brother Loki is a very jealous boy. Last night I was sitting on moms lap and she was petting me and telling me how handsome I was {you are my big handsome boy}. Well, from nowhere here comes Loki and jumps up on mom and meows and gives her this look. Of course mom had to pet hi and tell him he was handsome too, then he jumped off and got on the cat tree. He hates me anyway...so I guess he is jealous of me. He does not do that when Figaro is getting 'love'.

Moms friend sent her a Chewy gift card so mom said she is gonna order us some goodies for Christmas. Can't wait to see what we are gonna get. YIPPEEEEE!!!!

Have a pawsome day!
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