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Figaro's homecoming
Posted March 13, 2019 by Benjamin
FIGGY is home. we all met him and he is hissing at us, but then he stops. Mom is introducing us to him one at a time until he knows who we are. He is crying and crying, so mom is sitting in the room with him until he settles down. he wants to come out to play with the rest of us seeing as how we all seen him now.​ He doesn't want to be in a room all alone when he sees us out here.

Mom registered his microchip with petfind. Ever hear of them? he got a chip card mom can carry in her wallet and he has a little tag embedded with the chip number he has on his collar, too. None of the rest of us are microchipped.

He is a big ole crybaby. he is still crying. I guess he will stop eventually. he seems a little lost. Mom might let him out for a while to see what happens. he is going crazy behind the screen door. Mom put his toys and bed and food in there with him, but he wants out.

I am being a nice boy. Kali is growling at him. Kelsee is ignoring him. he hasn't met George our neighbors cat yet.

Gotta go see why he is upset...

Mom the builder
Posted March 6, 2019 by Benjamin
Mom is getting to be quite the builder. Yesterday she put our new treew together and today she got a new bakers rack and assembled that. It sure looks nice in the kitchen. We have a small kitchen, so mom took the table out {she eats in the front room anyway} and put the rack in its place. Mom wishes she had a nice big kitchen.

It is rather cold here today. Only 18*, no sun and it is windy. Mom opened the back door to throw out the box the rack came in and the door blew out of her hands, and it is cold. Loki was in the kitchen and he ran back to the bedroom.

He is a wild guy. He runs and dashes and jumps everywhere. I get tired watching him run around. Sometimes I will play chase with him. I know he will have a blast with Figaro when he finally comes home.
Today he took several toys and carried them and put them all on the couch in mom's spot. Funny. Mom put them back on the floor so she could sit down. Now he is sleeping on moms bed.

Have a nice evening and stay warm.
We made it
Posted February 27, 2019 by Benjamin

wow, was it ever windy for 2 days. So windy all our windows were shaking, trash cans were rolling down the street, litter everywhere. Power was out all over. Ours never went out though.

We got 2" of new snow overnight. It's been kinda cold again. Only in the 20's. Mom did say that Spring starts in about 2-3 weeks. I sure hope that is true and it starts to warm up.

Mom made us some name badges. they are very cool! She will put them where we eat, that way we all know where we have to go for dinner...MOL!!!​ Mom keeps herself busy doing things when she is bored.
Hope you all stay warm and cozy!
No Kitty yet!
Posted February 6, 2019 by Benjamin

Well, mom did go out today to find a kitty. She came home empty pawed. She filled out an application at the Anti Cruelty Assn, and they will call her after they look over her application to adopt. There are 2 more places she stopped, but neither one had cats.

On Saturday after work, her sister is gonna take her to 2 more places. there are pet stores who have adoptions every weekend so mom and her sister will go to a few of those. She already has everything ready for the new arrival.

One place she stopped was closed, but there was a lady there who only volunteered by cleaning out animal cages, etc. She told mom about 2 male b/w cats they had for adoption, 1 was 1 and the other was 6 and his name was Bow-Tie, but mom is changing it to Figaro if she gets him. The volunteer couldn't allow mom in the catroom cause they weren't open.

Anyway, that's about it for this rainy day. I stayed home with Kali & Kelsee all day and we slept the day away while mom was searching for a kitty.
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Very Frigid!
Posted January 30, 2019 by Benjamin
​Good afternoon.

Geepers, it is cold. I don't remember last Winter being this frigid. The high today was -3. Never got above 0*. Tonight it will drop to -12. Cold as well tomorrow. But next week we will see 40's again.

Mom did not go outside today. She said she was not even opening the door to take a peek outside to look for the squirrel. Sometimes he comes around for his nuts, but mom looked out the window and did not see him today. I hope he is in a garage keeping warm.

Mom put Kelsee's pink sweater on her. She was feeling kinda cold. She is 15 and mom doesn't want her to be cold. She doesn't seem to mind the sweater, but she walks funny with it on. I don't need a sweater cause I am a big boy.

Did you know that in 3 or 4 states the PO shut down deliveries cause it is too dangerous with the wind chills for the postal workers to be out? I guess MI made the list cause we did not see any mail trucks out all day and usually we see them driving down the street.

Mom is just relaxing on her couch today. She has TV on, watched Chicago PD and now SVU. Tonight all her Chicago shows are on, so she will watch them. She has her electric throw over her and I like laying on that, it is nice and warm.

Good bye.
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