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Sun is finally out
Posted January 15, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Today the sun decide to shine. It was supposed to be out yesterday. Mom went to Walmart yesterday and it was gray, gloomy and cloudy. It was supposed to be near 50*, but only made it to/ 42*. Today it is 37*.

Momma got us catfood, and got Loki a new tray for his food bowls and got us a new toy. I know we got a lot for Christmas, but mom cannot go shopping to Walmart and not get us something. We even got a jug of treats.

Today is kind of a lazy day for the cats of the house. We are all in our own spots taking a nap. Mom has been on her computer all morning with emails, etc. Going on FB...that human site everybody likes so much!

Have a nice afternoon!
Posted January 8, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

It is very cold outside today, just 24* and we have a dusting of snow. The man on TV aid we would have a warmer then normal Winter with little to no accumulation of snow. Mo said she is alright with that as she hates cold and snow.

We got a new toy today in the mail. It is interactive and has a spinning feather on it and a ball inside...kinda fun. Mom got pictures of Kelsee and Figaro playing with it.

I helped mom pick out a new rug for the dining room. It is a southwest design of different shades of Turquoise from on it and very hard to keep clean..she vacuums it and shampoos it. She shampoos it 3 times a year and it just doesn't stay white, not with 5 cats. It is coming on Monday! Mom told me, "Benny, you have good taste in rugs". I pointed it out to her by sniffing the picture on her laptop,.

Stay warm and have a pawsome day!
Very Loud NYE!
Posted January 1, 2020 by Benjamin
everything was going really well on nye until around 11pm. Then our neighborhood got loud~ people were outside shooting guns and firecrackers off. So e were so loud they shook our windows.

Us poor kitties all ran and hid. Some of us took cover under mom's bed while others chose under the tub. We stayed there til we didn't hear anymore.

Then, wouldn't you know it..more came, so we all made a mad dash back to where we were. I think poor figaro was the most frightened.

Around 11:30 when mom went to bed, another real <loud nouse happened and poor figgy was in the litterbox, he made a mad dash for under the tub leaving a poo on the floor...poor baby brother couldn't even go potty in peace. He was under the tub shaking and mom couldn't get him. When it was finally over for the night, poor figs got in bed with mom and hid under the covers and cuddled close to her, he was still shaking.

Mom thinks that last christmas and nye he was in the shelter and they have no windows in the animal rooms, so maybe he couldn't hear it.

Anyway...i hope you all had a much quieter and more peaceful night then we did!

Happy 2020
Very cold snap
Posted December 18, 2019 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

we have a cold snap this week. Only gonna be in the upper teens to low 20's and teens at night. Very cold indeed. NO snow though.

I am inside laying near the heat and staying warm. kelsee and Figaro are both laying by me...maybe they think cause I am a big fella they will stay warm, too.

Mom went to PSP and came home with about 40 cans of food for us...a case of 24 Fancy Feast, 12 Purina One, and 4 small cans of a different Purina and 2 cans of Merrick for us to try. That should keep us in food for quite awhile. Mom hates going out in the cold. She has it delivered most of the time, but not close to the days she has to work cause she won't be home to get it.

Does anyone have any snow? we have just a dusting from a few flurries and it looks like we will NOT have a white Christmas. Oh meow!!

Have a nice day!
Blustery Day
Posted December 11, 2019 by Benjamin
Hello all

Burrrrr is the word of the day. It is mighty cold outside today. Only got to a high of 25* {that's a high?} when mom went to bring up the mail, the cold blast of air was buuuuurrrrrrrrr.

I am happy we are all inside where it is warm and cozy and mom has the heat on. I sure feel sorry for any strays outside in this weather.

Mom helps me out a lot. This morning she even helped Kali. You see Loki likes to hide when he knows me or Kali are in the bathroom using the litterbox or drinking water from the sink..he will ambush us and chase us...well, mom sees him laying there ready to pounce, so she helps get me and Kali out of the sink and carries us to safety.

I myself prefer to drink from fresh water from the faucet. The water in our fountain is alright, but I like colder water, Kali and Figaro do too. In the colder months mom leaves the water running just a little stream for us.

Well I have went on long enough...don't want to bore you.

Have a pleasant night and sleep tight.
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