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Posted April 21, 2011 by Allie
I heard him talking on the phone to Mama so I thought he'd be home right after that. But he isn't, so I'm calling him and looking out the window a lot.

He went to the human vet and Mama said he got a good report! Yay!! So he should come home and let me sit on his lap, right?

Mama was going to go with him, but she stood up and her back hurt so Daddy settled her on the couch with me. I've been nursing her all morning.

I have another complaint. When the house was cleaned, the dogs put their duckie in the condo of my cat tree and there's not room for me in there now! Mow! angry

Come home Daddy!! Wait - he's HERE!10900
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Ruby Daggar wrote at April 22, 2011
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Yeah, Daddy's home! I used to feel the same way!
Ruby Daggar
Lori Martin wrote at April 22, 2011
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I'm so glad your Daddy got a good report from his vet! Yay!

You have mischievous doggies. You ought to leave THEM a purresent in THEIR favorite place! Ha!
Lori Martin
April Crawford wrote at April 21, 2011
0 Votes
I am so happy your Daddy is home Allie!w00t
April Crawford
Murray2 wrote at April 21, 2011
0 Votes
She even meowed into the cell phone at Grandma!