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What We've Been Doing
Posted June 1, 2011 by Allie
I've been laying on Daddy's lap every day! Mama's been so dang busy she hasn't been typing for any of us.

We got new food again because our old food was purchased by a big company, so our food lady advised us to switch now. We got Orijen no grain and we are all loving it. Mama hopes I'll eat a little bit less and lose a little weight.

And Murray and I got brushed because we had lots of fur coming out. While being brushed, I go "Purr, purr, purr" and then "MOW". Mama couldn't decide if that meant I liked it or not. But then she noticed I do the same thing when Daddy scratches my head, so I guess I do like being brushed.
Where's Daddy?
Posted April 21, 2011 by Allie
I heard him talking on the phone to Mama so I thought he'd be home right after that. But he isn't, so I'm calling him and looking out the window a lot.

He went to the human vet and Mama said he got a good report! Yay!! So he should come home and let me sit on his lap, right?

Mama was going to go with him, but she stood up and her back hurt so Daddy settled her on the couch with me. I've been nursing her all morning.

I have another complaint. When the house was cleaned, the dogs put their duckie in the condo of my cat tree and there's not room for me in there now! Mow! angry

Come home Daddy!! Wait - he's HERE!10900
Ugly Kitties
Posted April 9, 2011 by Allie
This week both Phoebe's husband, Gimme and Fidey's families went out and got 2nd ugly kitties (puppies). Our poor hubbies. They have the big kind of doggies that drool, and don't listen to them very well. They can move in here if they want.

We're stealing the car keys and money so Mama doesn't get any ideas! She laughed and said "only small dogs" and "we have enough", but we don't trust her. She also spoke admiringly of the big golden retriever that retrieves our cat food for her.

You just never know when a human is going to get suckered in by a puppy.