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Drastic overnight changes
Posted September 30, 2014 by Jesse
Wow..what a drastic change in weather we are experiencing. Yesterday it was 80* and then it rained last night, and this morning it was 50* when mom went to work and now it is 55* and cloudy...geesh!!!

Mom would not let us go outside to play today, cause it is too chilly and there are workers in the yard and she doesn't want us to be in the way.

That is alright, we have plenty of toys to play with here in the house and lots of catnip things and it is warmer in here then it is out there.

I just know I am getting some super yummies for has a pork roast in the oven with small sized potatoes and she is making an apple pie to go with it...I don't care about the pie and potatoes, but I can't wait for the roast pork.

Hope you have a pawsome evening
Best Autumn weather ever
Posted September 29, 2014 by Kelsee
We are having our best weather of the season, and this is Autumn, been in the mid 70's since last week and only drops to the mid 50's at yes we are indeed staying warm. We are outside most of the day when mom is home from work, and when she does work we get to go out when she comes home and mom has been BBQing every night now.

Only problem with the weather is with all the rain we had all Summer, we are being bombarded with bugs...the mosquitoes seem to have dissipated for now, but we still have swarms of bees, and when we are outside mom is forever killing them.

Winston was chasing a grasshopper around today, it was funny cause he got way up in the air and caught it, but he was nice and did not kill or eat it, he just played with it til he got tired and then let it go and the grasshopper hopped away.

We aren't supposed to have rain til FRI, so of course mom has to go out and water her flowers in her garden, and we all come back upstairs when she gets the hose out...there is no way we will hang out with water on, just like with that floor monster in the house..we hide under the bed.

Well, I hope you have a pawsome evening!
Lil Sheba
What a nice day!
Posted September 26, 2014 by Lil Sheba
Wow..we had another pawsome day today, it was 76* and sunny with just a mild breeze. The best week we have had all year and this is Autumn, go figure. Summer was crappy with mild temps and lots of rain.

We got to go outside once mom got home from Walmart, we enjoy our outside time a lot...Win chases bug all the time, and Kelsee and Jesse are always on 'high alert', they sit with their ears up and eyes open waiting for the first noise and then they run back on the gets a kick out of them.

We have all our windows open again. They were shut tight when it was chilly, and now open again, but mom hasn't put the fans back in yet...she likes the fresh air we get in Autumn.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!!
sunny and 75*
Posted September 25, 2014 by Kali
Well, we are having another great day today. 75* and lots of sunny skies. We love this weather. Momma let us go outside and we loved that, too.

Mom went up to the store and came back and stayed outside with us all day long and then she BBQ'd her dinner...she made chicken. She shared with those who wanted it.

Sheba and Jesse got into a big fight outside today...Jesse swatted her and she kinda backed away, but she kept growling at him...she is a mean kitty to all of us....she even growls at mom sometimes.

Well, i hope you have a pawsome evening.
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