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Dipping Below ZERO!!! {Burrrr}
Posted February 8, 2016 by Kelsee
Mom checked our weather forecast as well, and this weekend it is dipping BELOW zero!!! Saturday's high is 15*...burrrr!!! That's the coldest we have been this Winter!

Yesterday and today was in the upper 40's and yesterday we actually hit 50*, right now it is 45*. We had light rain overnight cause all the sidewalks were wet this morning when we got up!

Mom had to work all day today and doesn't get tomorrow off either! Her co-worker is sick and she is working all his hours til he gets better, so mom had to reschedule her Dr appt she had WED to next week!

Did you watch the "Kitten Bowl"??? We did and it was so cute watching all them kittens play, the team mom was rooting for did not win, but it was alright. Mom was cheering for "Boomers Bobcats", but "The felines" won the game. They had a different name like something something felines, but mom can't remember right now.

When mom woke up this morning, I was laying on her back and she had to tell me "Kelsee, please get off, so I can get up", like I listened, so mom sat up and I fell off right on her bed!!!

Well, I sure hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrs & Meows!!!
Dean Connal

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