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Angel Jesse {2001-2016}
We are going out later tonight to catch 'lightening bugs', are you in??? We all have large jars to catch them in and we watch them light up and then we set them free.

After that we are going to catch a movie...I saw the old theater in the Alley Cat district is showing "The Cat in the Hat"...an oldie, but a goodie for sure!!! I am hoping the new movie, "Nine Lives" comes up to the rainbow Bridge soon...that one looks pretty funny!!!

Tomorrow Angel Aria is having a tea party, and she wanted me to ask you if you are interested in going...she is inviting all the girls over for iced tea, hot tea and scones, cookies and cold fruit and 'girl talk'....Angel Shadow is definitely going!

Us guys will just hang out on the water fishing and drinking catbeer and telling stories about the 'one that got away'.

Hope to see you soon!
Purrs and Angel hugs!
Angels Jesse, AJ & Shadow =^..^=
Oppressive heat continues!
Posted July 25, 2016 by Kelsee
Boy it sure is getting lonely around CC isn't it??? I am getting less and less blogs each week now. From what I just saw on FB, we might be here til mid August now...seems the techs can't make up their minds...like 3 years ago!!

HOT HOT HOT....our thermometer said 102* today, but the actual temp was 93* and humid and windy...I sound like a broken record, don't I??? We did have a few moments of rain yesterday and it was a hard rain for about 5 minutes...but mom's garden still looks like a desert!!!

We are tired of being in the house all Summer...this is not right...we usually get to go outside every day unless it is raining, no rain, and still no outside, mom said it is just too hot and when we do go out after 8:pm, mom puts a large bowl of water with ice cubes in it for us.

We have not even seen our Walnut, Pecan or Poppy around here, the birds come around and of course them idiot Pigeons perch on top of the pole in this oppressive heat, but no other critters have been around.

It's so funny..we have all these birds come over and take a bird bath on the roof next door, it is a flat roof but there is a large concave on it where water puddles and it looks like a small pond, so all the birds come over and take a bird bath and splash around in it...mom did get a picture and will share on FB!

Mom renewed AARP today, but it doesn't get her anything for us...she gets discounts on stuff or her, but I guess we don't count...UMMMM!!! Oh well..mom still buys us what we need rather she gets a discount or not!!!

Win and Kali got into a big fight today over the kitchen window. That is Winston's window {or he thinks so anyway} and Kali was laying in it, so he got angry and growled at her and started meowing really loudly, so she growled back and pawsmacked him and mom came and took Winston off the table and put him in another window, but nope..wasn't going for that...he went right back and instigated another fight with Kali...so mom moved her and Win jumped in the window...I don't sit in that window, so I am alright.

Stay cool and have a pawsome evening!!!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Angel Jesse {2001-2016}
We understand it is very hot on earth where mom lives. We are happy to report that here on the rainbow bridge it is always in the 70's to low 80's in the summer...just purrfect for us kitties to be outdoors...wouldn't you say???

We went fishing today with Angels Clay, Anderson, Aria & Lucky..we all caught about 17 fish between us, so we are having a fish dinner tonight with some friends!

We think later tonight we will take a canoe ride along the river and watch the frogs and toads jump in and out of the water!!!

Our earth fursibs are funny..they want to go outside...it is 101* where they live and mom told them NO!!! I{Jesse} remember a few years ago it being so hot we had to stay inside...mom will take them out tonight when the sun goes down when she waters her garden!

Have a great evening and We'll see you around!!! We must have a picnic soon!!!

Angels Jesse, Shadow & Jinxie =^..^=
HUMID day!!!
Posted July 21, 2016 by Kali
It was very windy, hot and humid today, and we also had some rain, just enough to water moms garden so she can wait til tomorrow to water now.

We had to stay in the house all day cause it was 91 and quite humid..the rest of the week is gonna be the same and it is not fun having to stay inside all day...this has been a dry hot summer for us so far!!!

Mom goes back to work tomorrow or the next 3 days, so we will of course be in the house then too, but after we still can't go out cause of the weather....I am actually looking forward to Autumn!!!

Will see you soon!
The BIG CATS lost!!!
Posted July 20, 2016 by Winston
We are still here!!! Great mews, isn't it??

Well, today was rather a boring day for us kitties. Mom went to a baseball game with her friend and of course the Tigers lost to the Twins, 4/1...that's just mom's luck!

The most exciting part of the game was when a fan jumped onto the field and ran all over outfield and 4 cops were chasing him and they finally caught up to him between 2nd & 3rd bases and tackled him to the ground, put handcuffs on him and led him of the field, mom said the fans were cheering like crazy, but she wasn't sure if it was cause the guy had the nerve to disrupt the game cause it was boring or because the cops caught him...anyway, mom said that was the most exciting part of the game today!!!

It was nice though, only 83* today, but again we have that wind..will it ever go away? Mom doesn't think so.

When she got back home after the game, she fed the birds and squirrels and took the trash out and then took me for a walk down the alley to eat grass, I enjoy my walk time with mom and she said I am getting pretty darn good at walking on a leash.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrz & pawhuggz!
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